Amazing Drone Footage of a Tornado

This done footage of a Tornado was recorded just outside of Wichita in Andover, Kansas. The tornado wasn’t very big, and didn’t last long, but it was powerful, but this footage is probably some of the most incredible tornado footage I’ve ever seen. The video is clear due to very low to no rain at all, and you can clearly see the inner workings of a tornado such as the vortexes.

Thankfully no one was killed.

I used to live in the same area as a kid, and my Grandma still lives probably within a mile from this exact location in the video, which is also very close to the area that was destroyed 31 years ago with the huge Wichita/Andover Kansas tornado hit in 1991. I was 7 when that happened, and still remember it so well. You can watch a video about that day here:

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