Forums are back up!

Due to the attack on Free Speech and all the censorship lately, I have decided to open the forums back up. I advertised the forum on Parler before it went down, but seems no one was interested. It’s pretty much just me posting there now, but hopefully it’ll grow.

I debating putting the forums at, but decided to go ahead and let it keep its own domain name, which is

People are free to discuss whatever they want on there, just keep it legal. You won’t be censored for wrong think, or due to politics. You can even write about how Great Lady Gaga is, which we all know isn’t true, but you can write it!

The forums are part of the old sites I used to run, such as MJHQ, and damnidunno, and many of the members have long gone, had different emails made, etc but I thought keeping the old posts and forums alive was better than scraping it all.

Anyways, hope to see you there!


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