Good Pod: Club Random with Bill Maher

I’ve head a shaky history with Bill Maher. Used to love him back in the Obama days, but couldn’t stand him much during the Trump years because of all the disinformation and blatant lies, so I stopped listening.
However, I have settled down a bit in the past year and started watching Real Time again, and I started to understand that Bill is mostly a comedian that leans left, so of course he’s going to make jokes about conservatives, and be biased. I also started to notice that I do agree with alot of what he says, and he has been calling out the goofy left alot in the past years. Also his stances on the covid, nonsense I mostly agreed with as well. Over all, I started really enjoying watching Real Time and listening to Bill Maher, we don’t have to agree on everything.

So, I was very interested when I first heard of a new Bill Maher podcast back in early February, it would give me some more material to listen to while I sadly and miserably work at my third shift job. Dr. Drew mentioned on the Adam and Dr. Drew show podcast that he had spent the previous evening with Bill Maher recording an episode for a new podcast. No more information was given, but it seemed like a very chill podcast so I was instantly interested, but I couldn’t find any information about it online. I even tweeted to Dr. Drew asking about it, but he didn’t respond.

Nearly a month later I was listening to the Adam Carolla show podcast, and he had mentioned that he went and recorded an episode for Bill Maher’s now podcast, and still, no other information about it, or when it was going to air, or anything.

It wasn’t til a few weeks later when Bill Maher finally announced his new podcast called “Club Random”, which would premier March 21.

I was hoping that the first interview would be the one with Dr. Drew, but it ended up being with William Shatner, which still was great.

The podcast is basically Bill Maher and a guest just chilling out and having casual conversations while either drunk, high, or both, and it’s actually pretty interesting to listen to. It’s also nice to not have to hear the constant political nonsense, which Bill even often mentions himself, but there is still some minor political talk, but it comes off as between friends.

I’m really loving it, and respect Bill Maher alot more. It just sucks to have to wait an entire week in between episodes, what also sucks is that I prefer watching it rather than listening to it, but I can’t watch it at work, which was the entire point of finding new podcasts to begin with. Many episodes I’ll listen to via iTunes, and then watch later at home.

The episode with Dr. Drew just aired and is the most recent. I figured out that each podcasts are recorded 3 months in advance. So the episode with Dr. Drew was recorded in the first week of February, and the one featuring Adam Carolla was recorded in the last week of February, which means it should air at the end of this month. The reason I mention Dr. Drew and Adam Carolla so much is because their podcasts are the ones I’ve been mostly listening to for the past 15 years, and also I’ve been listening to them on other shows such as Loveline since 1998.

Anyways, of course it might seem like I’m going to say the Episode with Dr. Drew is the best, which I think it is, but mostly because they both seemed like old buds, and have casual chats and seem really chill, which has a big contrast to the episode he had with Bella Thorne, which just seemed awkward most of the time, I also had no idea who she was.

But the other episodes are still good and joyful to listen to.

You can watch the recent episode with Dr. Drew here:

An interesting thing for me personally is when Bill Maher mentions (at 4:20) a recent weird issue he had with sleep, where he just couldn’t sleep for a couple days. He says he laid in bed for hours and just couldn’t clock out, and then still couldn’t the next day.

It was weird to hear because I too have been having this issue off and on, mostly since working third shift, but I remember having it once when I was like 14, and a couple of other times in life. But twice in the past 4 months.
I’d just lay there for even 10 hours, unable to fall asleep, and it wasn’t like I had any anxiety, or thoughts running through my head, my brain was blank, and still nothing. Like Maher, I’d just have to get up and goto work, and be miserable without sleep, but it gets even weirder because then the next day can’t sleep either.

It has started to cause alot of sleep anxiety for me personally, which then caused me to become desperate and almost overdose on alot of crap to knock me out alcohol itself works well, but it’s never good to get drunk when you have to be to work in a few hours. Sleep doctors/specialists say that alcohol doesn’t provide good sleep, but any sleep is better than no sleep at all.

So, was just very interesting to hear Bill Maher mention the same exact thing.

Anyways, Good Pod!

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edit: June 20th, 2022 – Maher finally aired the episode with Adam Carolla, 4 months after the recording.

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