Let’s Go Brandon! – Number One iTunes song!

Usually I don’t post random songs, but this one is being censored by the media and especially youtube, which deleted and banned the song earlier this week. Luckily we have Rumble and other new tech sites now, so they (elites) can’t completely censor us.

The songs title is  “Let’s Go Brandon” which is a meme that really means “Fuck Joe Biden”, which all started earlier this month when a NBC reporter tried, but failed, to say that the NASCAR crowed was chanting “Let’s Go Brandon”, instead of what they were obviously really chanting.

Much of the mainstream media is a bit butt hurt over two anti-biden song’s taking the top two spots on the iTunes charts:

Roger Friedman, who I remember from his coverage for Fox 411, back during the 2005 Michael Jackson Trial, isn’t at all happy about these songs knocking down Adele:

But seriously, people still listen to the radio?

Sorry Roger, America, and most of the world is currently in turmoil, last thing we want to hear is some mid aged women crying about love and relationships while our rights are being stolen, or threatened to be taken from us. Real life stuff going on.

Thanks to rumble here is the song that is currently number one:

Let’s Go Brandon – By Bryson Gray

[arve url=”https://rumble.com/embed/pj.vldob7/” loop=”no” muted=”no” /]

The “Lets go Brandon” by song that is currently in 2nd place now, was in first place last week, you can listen to that one here:


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