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Listen: “Maybe Tomorrow” by Nightingale Cummings

I thought I wrote about this song before, but I suppose the site was still frozen then, so I didn’t.

This song is actually a cover of an older song, which was the theme song to a show about a homeless dog called “The Littlest Hobo”.

You can watch/listen to that version here:

But what I want to share is the cover, which is is much slower, only an acoustic guitar, and has much more feeling to it, Nightingale Cummings’ voice adds alot of sorrow and depth, and completely changes the song.

Some lyrics:

Maybe Tomorrow
My whole world’ll settle down.
But it ain’t tomorrow,
So I keep movin’ on.

I got my own world waitin’ to unfold.
In a ziplock bag where I can drag out this worn-down soul.
I made it through so far so I know it wont be long.
I must be almost there already paid my fare with this hobo song.

Maybe Tomorrow
My God will help me settle down.
But it ain’t tomorrow, so I guess I’ll keep movin’ on.

As far as I know, the song has only been played on an episode of The Trailer Park Boys (season 10, Episode 10: Looks Like the Liquor Wins ), which is where I heard it. Immediately after hearing it on the episode, I had to find it.

Sadly, since it’s only been played in that episode, there is no full quality studio version, only what you hear in the episode. Thankfully, there are other people who love the song just as much as I did, and made cleaned up versions from the episodes audio.

This version by Youtube singer Abbie Bingham, is the best I’ve found. She cleaned it up, added her own backing vocals, and removed some of the weird sounds, while also adding audio of Mr. Lahey (John Dunsworth), along with other audio samples from many seasons of Trailer Park Boys.

I’ve actually ripped this audio and made an mp3, which I listen to all the time.

I wanted to share it, great song. Probably one of my most favorites ever, EVER!

Hopefully Nightingale Cummings eventually releases an official version of this beautiful song!

You can currently watch the Trailer Park Boys Season 10, Episode 10 in its entirety on Netflix.

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