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Our New Host: TrafficPlanet Hosting

A few months ago I switched webhosting providers. My main complaint with my super old host (MDDHOSTING), was the page loading speed, and first byte. The page loading was so slow that it could take 5 seconds sometimes, if not longer for the page to load. Which is one of my pet peeves with websites. When I click a link, I want the page to load. This isn’t 1997 and dialup.

I knew I had to get out of shared hosting, but the problem is – lets be honest, the only visitors that ever came to my sites were me, myself, and I. So it didn’t make much sense to pay double or triple digits a month for hosting.

I looked into premium wordpress hosts such as WPEngine, which promised super fast speed, and great uptime, but wow they are so over priced.  I simply couldn’t justify paying that much a month for ONE SINGLE WEBSITE, that only I visited,  no matter how fast the pages load.

I read many reviews last time and settled with GeekStorage, which seemed to be a very good host. Many good reviews, and all the pages I visited that they hosted were snappy. I signed up, paid for a year of hosting, and everything has been good enough. However, the past week they seemed to be running very slow. I realized this is going to be the norm with shared hosting. There are going to be many down times, and many slow times. If I ever want Grunch to be successful, I need the pages to be snappy. Time to get serious.

Before I begun my journey to find another host, I tried optimizing the website. I tried many cache systems, and other optimization techniques, but none really improved the page loading speed, at least not by much.

I came to the conclusion that I have to go with a much pricey premium host. Since Grunch is powered by wordpress, as is nearly all my sites anymore, I would prefer a host that prioritizes wordpress.

So, The Search begun for another host, and actually considered going with WPEngine, I found a coupon that would allow me to have my site hosted by them for 3 months with their lowest plan, for only $4 a month, instead of their normal $29 fee. $4 Isn’t bad for a rest run. But, It’d only allow me to host one site.

SiteGround Setup Fee
SiteGround Setup Fee

I also came across SiteGround, which is another premium wordpress host, with many positive reviews. Their prices seemed decent, and you could host multiple sites on their top two plans. As I was signing up, I noticed that you’d either have to pay annually, or pay montly. I only wanted to test the hosting, and not commit for a year, so  I chose monthly. Then they added a $25 set up fee, which is waived if you pay annually. Forget that! Would be an expensive test run due to a silly fee. So, I passed them up. My found out my friend has a years worth of hosting with them that he just paid for. I’m sure he’ll have some comments on their hosting quality in the future.

All the rest of the Premium WordPress hosts I found were all way over priced. triple to quadruple digits – For get that.

Now I was back to WP Engine. For  $4 with a coupon, I could test one site, and if I liked it, then i could pay even more and more for my other sites. I started to dig into more on them, and found alot of red flags. Many, upon Many reviews were starting that their hosting quality, speed, and support have gone down hill. Also they seem to sneakily charge extra for over usages. Which really scared me away.

Upon my research, i found many ex WP Engine customers who are now using a newer host called “TrafficPlanet Hosting”, which is a bit of a weird name. The reviews said that these guys have their shit in gear, and know exactly what they are doing.

TrafficPlanet Hosting claims to have super fast servers, especially for WordPress. Which they certainly did not lie about, the reviews were written TrafficPlanet Hosted websites, buy actually customers, and man they were blazing fast. I was actually shocked by how fast they were.

I found this old forum post from the founded of TrafficPlanet, and he really sounds like he knows what he’s talking about, and makes what he considers quality hosting clear. I was impressed. I don’t really know what a “moneymaking website” is, which he refers to several times, I guess they’re just websites, with random info that have alot of ads and affiliate links, which make money?…


I navigated to the TrafficPlanet Hosting website, and started to look at their plans, and was surprised. They prices really aren’t that high for what they offer. The smallest basic plan offers the following:

  • Host up to 5 websites/domains.
  • Free site Migration, and in depth video Tutorials
  • One Click WordPress install
  • 50GB of Bandwidth a Month
  • 10gb of Storage
  • Daily Backups
  • SSD Drives and Cache
  • Tier 1 Connectivity
  • Promised Blazing Fast Speed
  • 24 hour tech support (email, text, chat only, no phone)
  • Cost just $24.99 per month.


I thought about it for like 5 minutes, and then signed up. Nearly instantly I got my account info which included username, password, control panel login, FTP and Mysql info.  So I went from signing up, paying, and uploading my site in less than a 5 minute period.

TrafficPlanet Control Panel
TrafficPlanet Control Panel

They don’t have a fully featured cPanel like most shared hosts, and you don’t have access to many of the features that you would get in cPanel, but if you need something advanced done, you can simply email their support, which turns out to be super fast, and quick to reply, and they’ll try to make the changes to the server for you. I needed help changing the MX records on since we use Zoho, instead of server email, and they replied within 10 minutes and applied the changes. Fastest support I ever witnessed.

TrafficPlanet Database maanager
TrafficPlanet Database maanager

You have full access the server space via FTP, you have access to your mySQL databases via PHPMYADMIN, so its not all too limited.

My ISP uses OpenDNS, so I was able to easily and quickly change the NameServers my domain pointed to, and refresh the OpenDNS Cache (Google DNS now has a similar function), and was able to navigate my freshly hosted TrafficPlanet website, and wow, its fast!

Grunch is running faster than I’ve ever seen, and without a single ounce of optimization on my end (wow), and its just great. I am planning on doing some optimization to even increase the speed and performance even more.

The only con so far is submitting new posts to wordpress seems to take 5+ seconds, which is kinda odd. Could be a plugin issue or server side caching, or something. I’ll look into that.

I haven’t been able to run the site through page speed tests due to the DNS still propagating and many of those services are still seeing the old site. I’ll update this article with info on that as soon as I can.

Even though I’m paying much more than the usually price of shared hosting, the price is really justified, and I can’t see myself going back. The math shows that I’m paying about $0.83 a day to have my site hosted on TrafficPlanet, so it’s really not that bad.

TrafficPlanet Bandwidth
TrafficPlanet Bandwidth

Also, the speed, quality, support is amazing, that I’m shocked that the prices are as low as they are. I am actually thinking about upgrading to the next highest plan (Professional), for $49.99, which doubles the storage and bandwidth, and also lets you host up to 15 sites, so I can host my photography site with them and not have to worry as much about bandwidth.

If you’re looking for a new host that has quality, speed, up time, and amazing staff, I suggest going with TrafficPlanet. Try them out for a month at least, I don’t think you’ll regret it. Sure, its pricier than shared hosting, but you really get what you pay for, and more.

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