Reviving Grunch

Sorry that the site has pretty much been dead for a year. Long story short, I was just in a weirdo relationship from hell, and wasn’t allowed to do anything that any other female in the world could see (who knows?). I don’t know why I dealt with it for as long as I did, but its finally over for good.

I plan on reviving Grunch. Not sure What to write about, or even if I can still write (the part of my brain that writes seems to of atrophied, but maybe I can regenerate it with time and practice. So stay tuned!

Also, If you would like a platform to write on, hit me up with the contact menu.

I have also done some minor work on the logo, and I may overall, redo the entire site’s theme, but we’ll see with that.

Here is the old logo:



and the new one:




As you can see, its much more simple and cleaner looking, but it’s still might change alot.

Stay tuned….