TRUTH Social website is now live!

Donald Trump’s TRUTH Social platform is now live on the web, which means anyone can sign up! Until now, only iPhone users could sign up. There is no android app yet, but it’s coming soon.

To sign up, just simply visit the website ( and click “create an account”.

I’ve been using TRUTH Social since early February and haven’t had much problems, but it was boring for the longest time because Trump himself didn’t use it for the longest time, but now he regularly posts multiple times a day.

There’s really not too much to say, We all pretty much know how Twitter works, and TRUTH works pretty much the same.

I like the site, don’t care much for the name, but like most names, just have to get used to it then it makes sense.

There seems to be an issue with bots or at least fake accounts. I’ve been trying to follow back everyone who follows me, and over half seem to be fake accounts, which unfollow you as soon as you follow them back. Could be bored people with too much time on their hands trying to get a high follow ratio, but if they are bots then TRUTH needs to get them under control so the site doesn’t go in the way of Twitter, which Elon Musk has recently stated is way much higher than the 5% of users that Twitter has claimed.

If you’re on iOS, you can download the app from the app store, the Android app has been stated to be coming soon.

I plan on using both Twitter and Truth Social, which is weird to say because a month or to ago I wouldn’t even touch Twitter, but Elon Musk’s buy out, and promotion of free speech might save it. Hopefully the deal goes through.  I don’t want to stick with just Truth because it’ll most likely be one political side on there, which isn’t positive. Twitter should remain mixed, and also have alot of non-political content.

I’ve already given up on other new alt social networks such as Gettr. Gettr does weird things that attempts to boost or make it seem like the site is more active than it actually is, such as spoofing follower counts (imports follower counts from twitter), and also notification spam. I can log in at any single moment and have 99+ notifications, but all of it is just motivations telling me that people are going live on video, which I neither care, or want to see. For the longest time they wouldn’t let you disable it, and there is still no where in the notification settings to disable it, but  they did make it so that you can manually disable live notifications one by one by clicking the dots next to the notification, which is silly and tedious, and seemingly doesn’t work most of the time because I still get the annoying useless notifications. So, I’ve given up on that site.

Parler is another story, I haven’t used Parler in probably a year since they had their weird issues after launch. The site is also still clunky, and the mobile app just seems to be the website in a frame.

There is really no need to be on all these platforms, Donald Trump makes Truth meaningful and the winner on the right side, and Elon Musk is making Twitter the winner on the center. We’ll see what happens with that.

We just really need free speech to be restored.

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