Don’t mind 16gb? get iPhone 6 and Plus from walmart straight talk fast!

Walmart iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

If you don’t mind the 16gb models of either the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, you can get one fast from Walmart! They are only limited to 16gb. I’m not sure if they’ll get the larger sizes in the future.

On their website they are offering all the colors of both the iPhone 6 and Plus, all in 16gb, and today they all have the option of picking up in store on October 28th, which is a few days from now.

The past models of the iPhone from straighttalk have been unlocked models, so these ones should be as well, but I’m not sure of the exact models.

Of Course since StraightTalk is a prepaid service, you have to buy the phone out right, but don’t worry! You can get financing through walmart’s MasterCard, which will give you 6 months to a year to pay the phone off, which isn’t bad.
I actually have this card. They give $5 for every $500 you spend, which isn’t much, but its something. So at the end of the month I save $5 when I used the card to pay off my bills. Money for nothing really.

I don’t see why this phone wont work with any of the major carriers. Just as the unlocked no contract tmobile version does.

Home shipping for the 16gb Plus Space Gray:

Dates for home Delivery.
Dates for home Delivery.

In Store Pickup (site to store):

Walmart in store pick up dates
Walmart in store pick up dates

Now these estimates are for Kansas. But walmart’s warehouses are national, and each model of the phones is AVAILABLE.

Just a heads up for someone who wants the phone quicker than the 3-4 week wait from buying from Apple, Especially the plus model, and doesn’t need the large file sizes.