Cancel Sling
Cancel Sling

Canceling Sling TV Subscription *updated*

* Update – August 24, 2015 – Subscription renewed- Sling gave me a free month, click here to read.

I wrote an article a few months ago about how I loved Sling Tv. Back then, I only watched it on a spare monitor hooked up to my computer set up, which worked fine. However, Since that time I have purchased and 60inch Smart TV, and have gotten more serious into my TV entertainment and such. Sling did seem to work better on the TV than it did on the PC, such as I didn’t really get the audio sync issues that always popped up after a while. Since then, the Service as degraded so horribly, and the novelty of Streaming TV service is quickly wearing off.

For the past month A&E, History, and History 2 channels, and possible even more (these are the only channels i really watch), have been pretty much unwatchable. They are having a weird bug where the audio channels are pretty much ruined. The background noise is louder than the dialog/vocals. You can barely here anything any of the fellas of Pawn Stars are saying.

I figured this would be a bug that only lasted a few hours to days, but after a week or so had pasted I decided to contact their support via facebook. I read many other people on facebook having the same issue, and Sling only replies with the same vague generic response.

Cancel Threat
Cancel Threat

I never contacted their support via Facebook other than a public wall post. I contacted them ages ago about the iPhone bug, which they never replied to. So, Whats the point of that? Besides, its not isolated to my account.

A week later, and the issue still exists, many people still reporting it, and still getting the same bullshit reply.

Is this really something that is overly complicated to fix? It sure doesn’t seem like it, but im not an Audio tech expert, but it seems like Sling doesn’t have any of those working for them anyways.

A thing that kinda makes me even more bitter today is another guy posted the same issue last night, and a few of us replied to him disusing how fed up we are with Sling, and their vague copy and paste responses, but some how that post is magically gone, or its hidden from me now.

I haven’t noticed this because I haven’t bothered watching, but in between reading people complaining about this audio issue, alot of people are also complaining about some weird no content error, which i think is due to too many people watching.

I think Sling is dropping the ball here. There are so many streaming services popping up everyday, and there are slowly more and more options to chose from. Sling had the chance since it was the true first Live TV Streamer on the internet, but these bugs and all the glitches really make its it undependable.


While writing this post, I contacted Sling Support, And they pretty much told me that the Facebook replies are just from Hired PR people, and the actually Sling support team doesn’t have any way of speaking to their developers/engineers, tech people, so they have no idea whats going on and when it’ll be fixed, and as a matter a fact, they even agreed with me that Sling is “unwatchable”, and this is “unacceptable”. Suggested that after the issue is resolved, I SHOULD be able to contact them and get some sort of credit.

While I appreciate their more honest, candid reply to my support email, It only shows me that they seem to have no idea what they are doing.

Do people not talk  to each other there? Perhaps that’s why they have so many issues.

Since I started writing this article, the audio issue has been mostly resolved (after nearly a month), but there are still many other issues that exist, such as their servers going down when too many people are attempting to watch Sling. It’s very annoying.

I’d suggest to stay away Sling for now, til they organize their departments better at least. How can any of these issues be resolved if their teams don’t speak to each other?

An Error Has Occurred
An Error Has Occurred – Get used to this error.

And to be honest, Sling, as with cable tv, really never has anything on to watch, mostly repeats, and when there is something that everyone wants to watch, the Service crashes.

i’ve found myself watching and using my $12 Netflix subscription more lately, which seems to have more to watch on it.

Sling TV Cancelled
Sling TV Cancelled

Update – August 24, 2015 –
Sling has resumed my subscription and given me a free month. To be honest I am glad that they did this. I kinda missed having live TV. The audio issues seem to be completely resolved. I won’t have to actually pay for another month from now. I’ll update this then.