Deal Alert – Prison Architect Is 75% Off Til Sept 2nd!

It’s very rare that I post deals here, but this is such a great deal that I had to share it.

Currently Prison Architect is 75% off on Steam, which means the prices is only $7.49! Which is a heck of a deal for this great game. The sale ends on September 2.

You can also buy the special versions, and get the Introversioner version that comes with the following 4 other games:  Uplink, Darwinia, DEFCON and Multiwinia

I wrote a couple articles in the past about how much I’ve enjoyed this game, and so far I’ve sunk nearly 100 hours into it, and still having a blast.

The devs have also recently released the 2.0 version  which came with alot of new features and bug fixes.

Link to Steam Store Page: