Eric Nally Stealing the show on the Tonight Show last weeke.

Eric Nally, Who the heck?

Eric Nally Stealing the show on the Tonight Show last weeke.
Eric Nally Stealing the show on the Tonight Show last weekend.

The chances are high that you’ve recently seen or heard the popular song “Downtown” music video or song by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, and most likely heard the catchy chorus sung well by some dynamic singer, which I think is the best part of the song. The song itself goes from strange, to interesting, to annoying after a few plays, while the chorus remains great.

The guy behind the voice in the chorus is Eric Nally,  who is the former lead singer of a rock band called Foxy Shazam, that disbanded some time last year, temporarily or for good. And man, can this guy really sing!

Many people compare him to Queen’s Freddie Mercury, but I don’t hear it. He does have unique strong dynamical vocals and an electrical and strong stage presence, but I see him as his own style and character.

I checked out several of the albums the band put out, and so far their 2010 self titled album Foxy Shazam is my favorite, and is probably going to be one of my all time favorites of over all albums. Many of the tracks on this album have grown on me, from “Oh lord”, to “Connect”, to my new favorite “Evil Thoughts”.

It’s really refreshing to hear music that isn’t like all the other crap being released anymore.

I’m a creeper, and when I get interested in an Artist I like to look in and learn about them.  Eric Nally seems like a really cool down to earth soft spoken guy, who can be super weird at times, but always seems nice and cool. He has a wife/longtime girl, and several kids with her.

I predict after the popularity of the Downtown track, Eric’s career is going to take off. He has certainly createda fan in me, and has a nice talent that I think the world will enjoy.

I hope though that he makes his own music, and stays away from this rap stuff.


Check out Foxy Shazam’s Amazon page to sample and buy tunes!

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Great Acapella/Acounstic Live Performance of “Evil Thoughts”

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