Flashback: Friday the 13th: “Playhouse” – 1989

This is a show that I remember from my childhood. It was just so weird that it stuck in my memory after all these decades. Took me a while to find it (30plus year old vague memories), but finally have on YouTube.

I remember being super young when I saw it, but I thought it was around 1992, but it turns out that it aired in 1989, when I was 5. And was from a tv series called “Friday the the 13th” which ran from 1987-1990.

The story is about these two neglected kids, who keep sacrificing other neighborhood kids to the playhouse in order to play in it and escape their abusive reality.

I am currently watching it for the first time in decades. First thing that I noticed was that the kids were able to go play around the neighborhood by themselves.  This is pretty much what we all did back in the day: just ran around outside all day. Nowadays kids are overly sheltered, which is sad.

Here is the video, it’s old so very low resolution and quality, but still watchable and it may bring back some memories for others who remember it as well:


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