How to add websites to iPhone home screen to fight app censorship

Currently the tech giants are purging alot of speech from their platforms, which includes both users and apps.
Apple has threatened to remove the Parler app from it’s App store unless it takes unreasonable, unfair, and silly measures to stunt Free Speech on it’s network, which Parler’s CEO says they’ll never do.

If the current censorship trend continues, Parler will be banned as soon as tomorrow.

But there is great news! Even without the actual App, You can still access and use Parler, or any other app that has an equivalently functioning website by simply adding the website to your Home Screen.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Launch Safari (Web Browser).
  2. Navigate to
  3. Click the share icon in the bottom toolbar
  4. Scroll down to “Add To Home Screen”

Walla! Now goto your Home Screen, and you should see the Parler icon, click it, and it’ll open the website just as if it was an APP.

If you’re using a Google Android device, you should be able to download the app directly from the website and install it, if not, I’m sure they have a similar working method.

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