Listen To: Steven Tyler’s “My Own Worst Enemy”

Steven Tyler — the lead singer of Aerosmith – has taken a break from the band and has came out with his own solo album entitled ‘We’re All Somebody from Somewhere’.

The album has a bit of a different sound than what we’re used to with Aerosmith, it’s more Country and sock rock sounding, but still has that Aerosmith instrumental sound, which I suppose could be because its all balanced around Steven’s voice.

I’m really enjoying the album so far, but the song that has really caught my attention is the first track off the album titled ‘My Own Worst Enemy’.

‘My Own Enemy’ is a song about a relationship that has broken up, and he blames it all on himself, and accepts responsibility citing that — well as the title states: he’s his own worst enemy.

Personally, I can really relate to the lyrics:

“I could blame Jesus, I could blame momma
I could blame Brahma for all the bull that’s in my head
I could blame Seagram’s for all the whiskey
And for the tipsy that’s still here on my breath
And ain’t that why you left

I’m all alone, tongue tied, and twisted
Since I said it ain’t you, it’s me
And girl you cried, but I insisted
That what could be would never be
But I was wrong, what’s wrong with me
I’m my own worst enemy”

It’s a very good album, especially this song alone.

Check out the song above.

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