Watch: Tom Macdonald’s new video “Cancelled”

I can admit that I haven’t been listening to any new rap artists or songs for the past 6 years. I stopped caring or listening once Eminem and others sold out and became goofy social justice warriors. Mostly because rap is supposed to be about life, but once they started rapping about bullshit, it became too silly to listen to.

I found out about Tom MacDonald a few months ago, and finally we have an actual rap artist that raps about real life things. He’s not afraid to say how he feels. His new song and video for “Cancelled” show exactly that.

This is another new good song and video called “Fake Woke” which was released less than a week ago, and has already received more than 5 million views on YouTube:

I especially loved the line: “Eminem used to gay bash and murder his mom and he doesn’t want fans if they voted for Trump”

If you enjoyed those, you might be interested in a few of his other hits:

There is much more in his YouTube channel.

Hopefully he gets on alt tech soon. Only way to not get cancelled.

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