Loving my iPhone!

I’ve been wanting an iPhone for years, but being with Verizon meant that I couldn’t get one, unless I left them and went to at&t. I never wanted to switch carriers so I stuck with it.

I wanted an iPhone because of my previous ownership of an iPod Touch, which was the most amazing device I’ve ever owned! So having the iPhone would be even cooler, and a much better deal since I can have my music player, phone, camera, etc all in one.

In 2009 I got the Droid, which I thought was going to be a good alternative. First thing I realized when I got the Droid is that the Android OS is no where close to being like iOS, which is beautiful and polished.

Android didn’t have a decent media player, no equalizer (which is a must have), and the over all feel of the OS was just cheap and half assed made. It really reminded me of the Linux Distros on PC. How cheap and just lame they seem to be (hard to get to work, have to hack it, hard to find quality programs), and just pointless when you can just use Windows. I must admit though that I have found it fun in the past to install a linux distro and have fun getting it to work, but using it full time never crossed my mind, because I’m always wanting to go back to windows when I do that.

Also Android lacked many quality apps. The android market is spammed with tons of apps, but most of them are useless, and very pointless, and blatant copies/rip offs of other people’s work and apps.

The Droid hardware itself was awesome though. It was the first droid, and it was Very solid. Which always impressed me. I’ve dropped that phone many times, and it never had a problem, or received dents, NOTHING. Loved that aspect of it.

The droid wasn’t a horrible device over all, android wasn’t THAT bad. It’ was better than the alternative on verizon at the time, such as blackberry, and the other cheap phones, So I did love it. But my experience with iOS was much better, and I still longed for the iPhone, mostly because it was beautiful, and simply worked. I didn’t have to go find alternative apps in iOS to for the device to be usable, as I did with Android. iOS had a lot of what I needed built in.

Anyways skip a year or so later. Verizon finally got the iPhone in February 2011, I was super happy, but at the time I was debating whether or not to keep my contract going, or to just let it end, and move on to cheaper offers (such as $50 unlimited pre paid phones).

People also keep rumoring that the iPhone 5 is about to come out, so I shouldn’t go with the iPhone 4, but these are simply silly rumors. Some sites say that it won’t come out til 2012, and so on, so who knows. iPhone 4 is very usable. I could upgrade for only a few hundred, so why not? If the iPhone 5 does come out, I can easily sell the iPhone and use the money to help pay for the 5 if it was really much of an upgrade.

In the past month my Droid started acting up. It would keep clicking stuff on its own, moving things around, and opening stuff. Like it was alive.

It kept doing this over the weeks and seemed to get worse, and worse, and worse. Until I had enough and threw it on my bed and smashed it with my shoe, ha. I really didn’t feel that bad afterwards even though I had done it in a fit of rage.

I was so done with that phone, so done with Android. So done with the short battery life (phone would only last a couple hours of use ahh!) and was so happy that it was all finally over.

So fast forward another week or two I decided to go ahead renew my contract and get the iPhone.
Verizon provided free Over Night shipping via fedex, so I got it the next day (which was yesterday), and so far I am so inlove with it. I got the beautiful music player back, everything works on its own, not sluggishness or lag, I just love it.

Most of the apps that I used on Android were also available for iOS, and it’s weird because they do look much better on the iOS. I hear that apple has guidelines about apps needing to be attractive, but im not too sure about that.

I am having trouble getting the contacts and everything to work right. Android only seemed to import contacts with phone numbers to my contract list on it. iOS on the other hand wants to put everything on my contact list, so I have like 1000+ contacts that it imported from my various email accounts (mostly my windows live), and doesn’t separate them from ones with numbers, which is odd. Also it lets me text contacts that don’t even have sms numbers. So I dunno, Maybe there is a way, I’ll figure it out. I think maybe that I’ll just delete the entire contact list, and disable the sync, and manually add contacts and numbers myself. Seems like the best solution, but then again I wouldn’t be able easily contact via email the contacts who only use email, so I don’t know, ha.

I was happy to get my Simcity back! But annoyed at the same time! Back when I had my iPod touch (did I mention that I sold it to help cover the cost of the Android? big waste). I had bought the SimCity game app from the store. it was $10, and it was pretty cool.
So when I got my iPhone I went to searching for it on the market  to download it, and it no longer exists!

EA Games seems to have gotten rid of it, and made a new version called SimCity Deluxe, which is total bullshit. They only want 99cent for the new version, but still.
I was able to find the old file for Simcity on my hard drive, so luckily I still had it and was able to put it on my iPhone, It’s just annoying how  a $10 app that was created by a large company, can be deleted from the store, and replaced with another version that costs more money. The new version is only 99cents, so its not too bad, just annoying. I’d be pretty pissed if I wasn’t able to find the SimCity file on my pc. Even if it is old, we should still be able to download it from the market for years. $10 isn’t cheap for an app Smile with tongue out

I’ve been playing with the camera  on the iPhone. It’s only 5 megapixel, which is the same as my droid, but it has some nice features such as the HDR. It can take some very beautiful pictures! I love it as well. Also the camera is very smooth, and quick. My droid would take ages to turn the camera on, and then ages to take a picture.

Here is an example of the HDR feature on the iPhone:
The first picture is the normal one, the second is the same picture, but with HDR enabled, I LOVE IT!

Worst thing about the iPhone: YOU HAVE TO USE ITUNES!
I think itunes is the worst program ever created. It’s ugly, works weird, is always freezing up, and AHH! I just hate using it. But it’s a must if you want an ipod or iPhone. Sadly.

I need to end this post, but I wanted to mention something else that is a let down with iOS. On Android I could easily install a last.fm scrobble plugin that worked with any player on the device including the stock media player (which was shit). This would allow me to scrobble all of the songs that I listened to to my last.fm profile. I’m finding it a bit more complicated on the iPhone.

Last.fm does have an app that lets you listen to their stations, and listen to your library on there, but it’s not the same. I want to be able to listen to songs in my library, and have them scrobbled. I found an app called iScrob which replaces the default iOs player with its own, and seems to work great, but I really want to use the stock player in iOS. It’s just too damn beautiful to not, and it works flawlessly. So I don’t know.

It might not be a major problem for a while because I have been debating whether or not to just delete my last.fm account. I’ve been getting way too silly with it. I never want to listen to music unless it’ll be scrobbled to my account, which is just lame, and weird, ha. so I might have to just delete it. But then again, last.Fm is a great way to discovery great music.

Anyways, I am leaving a lot out, but also rambling a lot, ha, so I’ll end this post here.
overall I love the iphone. SOO MUCH. It’s way better than  any Android device I’ve ever messed with, and it SIMPLY WORKS. I left my phone on all night last night and it didn’t die, and was still about 95% or higher charged this morning. I could never do that with my droid.

So I’m very happy Open-mouthed smile

By the way, I should mention that I am in NO WAY an Apple fan boy. I really don’t like Apple as a company, I can’t stand OS X, I’ve actually owned a macbook pro, and couldn’t stand iOS (loved the hardware though), and resold it a month after I bought it. I love my windows Smile

I can’t stand many apple products (itunes, safari, os x, so on, and so on.

For me, the iPhone seems to be the best phone that you can get! and if you don’t need a phone, I’d suggest the iPod touch, which is just as cool.

I’d recommend the iPhone to anyone who is looking for a new phone and debating between the iPhone and android.

– Happy iPhone customer. Smile

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