Michael Moore: Trump Is Going To Win

Did hell just freeze over, or is this guy doing what he usually does, which is just scare the shit out of his base(he makes money off of weak minded people by scaring them with stories and conspiracies about guns, big corporations etc)? Does Michael Moore truly believe that Trump will be the next President of the United States?

Michael Moore, who is a leftist “documentarian”, known for his films ‘Bowling For Columbine’ which was about gun control, and ‘Fahrenheit 911′, which was about the September 11th Attacks and how it was all the fault of Bush and the Republicans — Was on Real Time With Maher this past weekend where he brought the crowd to tears by saying:

“I think one of the things I’ve been concerned about this week is… that we’re all sitting in our bubble having a good laugh at this total shitshow, but the truth is that this plays to a lot of people that he has to win to become the next president, and I have to say… I’m sorry to have to be the buzz kill this early on, but I think Trump is going to win… I’m sorry”, Moore said, which drew huge booes and tears from the audience.

“I lived in Michigan, and let me tell you. It’s gonna be the Brexit strategy. The middle of England is Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Mitt Romney lost by 64 electoral votes. The total electoral votes of those states in the rust belt, 64. All he has to do is win those four states. I was there during the primary, and he went down and said they moved this factory down to Mexico, I’m putting a tariff on the cars, and it was music to peoples’ ears, And more people in the primary in Michigan voted Republican than Democrat this year. That should be a disturbing thing for everyone.” Moore added.

I do agree with him, although his motives might be more sinister and greedy. I’ve said since the first time I heard Trump speak at one of his rallies last year — that he was going to be the next President, and i am pretty sure that Trump will be.

Watch the video of Michael Moore on Real Time above.