Prince – Just Some Thoughts

I’m going to be honest. I wasn’t a very big fan of Prince. I liked a few of his songs, but meh. In a way I suppose I was destined to be anti Prince since I grew up as a huge Michael Jackson fan, and they were rivals, so it makes sense. but then again, it wasn’t a big, or even a real issue in the MJ community. I guess you may be confused as to why I’d be turned off as a child by Prince’s weirdness and not Michael’s. Michael’s weirdness was always childlike to me, while Prince always came across as a weird perverted type of thing, which would freak out nearly any kid. It was always a different type of weirdness. For example, Michael would pretend he’s Peter Pan, while Prince would be half naked making weird noise on stage.

Due to that, I honestly never looked or read into Prince. His recent music that was released within the past 15 years didn’t do anything for me either.

With that said, I am a huge fan of several of his early songs, such as: “Most Beautiful Girl In the World”, “When Droves Cry”, “Raspberry Beret”, “Little Red Corvette”.

But my admiration stopped at just listening to the songs themselves, until recently when his death sparked some interest in my now adult-like brain.

I discovered a few interesting things which I wanted to share, assuming you too don’t know much about Prince.

Turns out that Prince wrote and composed the song “Nothing Compares 2 U”, which he gave to Sinéad O’Connor to release. I found a Live V ersion of the song that Prince performed last year at a concert in Louisville Kentucky, and wow, I liked her version, but his version has so much emotion and energy in it:

I then came across Prince performing “Purple Rain”, during the Superbowl Halftime show in 2007. What made this incredible is that he was able to perform it, while playing the guitar during a pour down rain storm.

Oddly, I never really listened to “Purple Rain” until recently, which I say is odd, because its one of his most popular songs. While his singing isn’t the greatest ever on the album version of Purple Rain, I really really love the instrumental, and the over all sound.

Interesting thing I discovered yesterday about the album version of Purple Rain, is that the vocals were recorded LIVE at a performance in 1983, which could explain why the vocals aren’t top studio perfect quality that you’d expect to be on an official track, and with that in mind they really aren’t that bad. You can watch that performance here:

I don’t know too much about Prince, but I recently read that his death was most likely related to prescription pain medication, which is sad, and its a cause of death that many people seem to be concluding their lives with these days, which is too bad. Just shows you that it’s best to not get on these pain pills, or if you do, use them very VERY responsibly.

I can understand how someone would suffer this fate, such as Prince who’s seems to have had a long battle with pain in his hips and knees. He doesn’t strike me as a drug addict, just another guy in pain. These pills are dangerous.

It’s too bad.

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