Proof that the Media is lying, once again

Florida’s Fox 35‘s reporter Mike Synan got caught lying on his facebook when reporting about a recent Trump rally at Silver Spurs Arena in Kissimmee, FL.

He posted pictures of a barely filled arena with the caption:

“Enthusiastic crowd, but by far the smallest rally for him I’ve seen yet. Not even 1/2 full at Kissimmee’s Silver Spurs Arena”


Only problem is, the pictures were taken before the event, and as a matter of fact, once the rally started, every seat was full, and thousands of more people outside wanting in.

Here is an actual picture of the rally while taking place:
rallyThis is only another example of the media being biased against Donald Trump, and not only twisting what he says, but completely making stuff up.

Mike Synan is either a liar, or just stupid. So far, he has yet to remove his post or correct the record even with hundreds upon hundreds of comments on the images calling him a liar. Example of some of the comments:1cH

This is another reason why I do not trust the polls — which are taken and provided by the same liars.

Hillary can’t fill a high school gymnasium, Trump over packs stadiums and arenas.