QuadLock Case and Bike Mount Review

As for iPhone 6 Plus cases and bicycle mounts, the options seem very limited. I found many which just consist of a bag, or a weird universal mounts and seem to just grab the phone.

The only real two options I had were between the QuadLock iPhone 6 Plus kit from Annex products($84.95), or the iPhone 6 Plus case and mount from StudioProper ($79.95 case plus mount).

the StudioProper mount and case look better, BUT, it’s a magnetic case, and mount, and they recommended it for city cycling flat road cycling only. I live out in the country surrounded by Dirt Rock Country Roads, so I need a sturdy mount that will hold my phone firmly as i ride over bumpy rocks.

The Quadlock case and mount say they will hold firmly no matter what. The case and mount are made out of a strong plastic, which interlocks and clips with eachother, so I decided to go with it.

Sadly, the Quadlock case and mount for the iPhone 6 Plus were not out yet, or delayed due to lack of units til sometime early this year, so I wasn’t able to get the kit as soon as I would have liked. Plus I don’t cycle much during winter seasons.

However, Spring time is here, Summer is coming, and I’m starting to cycle again. So, I decided to go ahead and purchase the mount and the case. I’m one of the people who like to track my rides using my favorite app (cyclemeter), which auto backs up to Strava. Having the phone visible at all times helps this process, and also helps if I have calls or texts that I need to stop and reply to. I never listen to music or anything else while cycling.  Plus, with a $1k+ phone, you really don’t want to be taking the phone in and out of your pocket constant. A strong durable mount is the best option.

The Quadlock iPhone 6 Plus kit comes with the following:

  • 1 x Quad Lock Case
  • 1 x Quad Lock Poncho
  • 1 x Quad Lock Bike Mount PRO
  • 2 x EPDM mounting o-rings (small)
  • 2 x EPDM mounting o-rings (large)
  • 2 x Nylon zipties

Honestly, the only thing I didn’t like about ordering the Quadlock case was the shipping. Expensive, and slow for whats available.

You have 3 options, Which are all pretty much the same slowness:

USPS Shipping QuadLock
USPS Shipping QuadLock

Disclaimer: I’m very impatient, I’d rather pay super extra for overnight shipping, or just pay more for the same item in the local stores.

So unless you want to wait a week or two, you’ll have to pay the hefty fee of $33.67 to get it within a few days. I decided on Free, No way was i going to over pay for shipping, and DHL rarely comes out here, I’ve never used them before, so I didn’t want to use that option. Turns out FREE still uses “DHL Global Mail Lightweight Parcel”, as the email states, which confused me because in the same email was a functioning USPS tracking link and number, weird. Turns out that DHL handles picking up the package or something? And then hands it off to USPS for delivery? I don’t know.

Processing was pretty fast, I believe I got a fulfilled email later on that night,  along with shipping notification, and that’s where the entire process went dead for about a week.

I ordered on May 5th,  Got the tracking link on May 5th, packaged shipped may 6th, and then no updates til May 12th when it arrived at my local USPS sorting center, and was in my MailBox by the 13th. Maybe I’m just spoiled. I suppose a week shipping time isn’t that bad.

Quadlock Shipping Box
Quadlock Shipping Box

The case came in a pretty sturdy box, I mean average shipping brown box, which fit nicely into my normal sized mailbox, even though I had to struggle to remove it.

Within the box was some paper wrap, and a beautiful nice Quadlock Retail Package nicely wrapped in plastic, just as you’d expect it to be when purchased from a store. Which alone impressed me. I assumed Annex (the company who produces the Quadlock Line) was an internet company, but turns out they are pretty successful in Australia, Europe, and perhaps even in the States now.

QuadLock Package Contents
QuadLock Package Contents

The case, the poncho, and the mounts all seem of high quality, and I am very satisfied with them.

The case felt very solid and heavy duty, while not being thick or heavy. It wrapped my phone very snuggly. The only thing I don’t like about the case is it leaves the ports open, my old case had a flap that would cover these up keeping dust and lent out. Not a big issue I suppose.

The mount attached to my bike just fine, and seemed sturdy. The the case attached to the mount easy and was very sturdy and firm in place.

I live out in the country, which means I have to ride done many rocky dirt country roads til I hit pavement, which means I need the mount to be firm and not allow for my phone to drop off, and the QuadLock case exceeds in this area.

The only thing about the mount I do not like is it seems to slide sideways on the bar on my bike. This could be due to me not tightening it enough, or my bar is not the ride size, or I need to put some material under the mount to provide more friction. I originally only tightened the straps with my fingers, a pair of plyers should allow me to tight them even more. I’ll tighten it the next time I ride and see if that helps, and update this review.

Phone Mount on bike
Phone Mount on bike


Quadlock Mount on bike
Quadlock Mount on bike

I am very pleased with my decision to go with the Quadlock kit, and would recommend it to anyone for any sport or high activity. They sell running, driving, and all sorts of kits for several different models and makes of phones.

I currently have a heart rate monitor from them being shipped to me, which should arrive any day now. I’ll review that later.

Buy: http://www.quadlockcase.com/products/bike-kit-iphone-6-plus
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