RDO Halloween Bar Decor
RDO Halloween Bar Decor

Red Dead Online – Full Sessions back, Nothing really fixed!

I posted an article a little over a month ago about how Rockstar may finally be attempting to fix Red Dead Online, and the major clue on this were the sudden super small almost solo sessions.

Now that appears to not be the case, starting last week just ahead of the Halloween Pass, the sessions were suddenly full again. Immediately cheaters were back in the game, I was immediately teleported to one several times, and also random missions and legendary animals were no longer spawning.

I played for a full week without a single random mission spawning, while they were constantly and almost annoying spawning during the small sessions. Also, not a single legendary animal spawned during this time, however after a week, starting last night, I did have several random Revenue Agent missions spawn, 1 treasure map, and a legendary, so maybe they’re resolving some bugs after a week?

The cheaters are still there, while not as prevalent as before, and I’m not sure if this is because they haven’t returned to the game, or maybe Rockstar fixed something? The weather and time hasn’t been altered by the cheaters as it was before the small sessions, but I have been teleported to a cheater several times.

I’m not sure if Rockstar actually fixed anything, or what the couple months of solo/small sessions were about since they’ve never publicly addressed it. Any improvement at all is small, and i’m not even sure if they improved anything or these were just random moments when they game decided to actually work properly, because over all, it’s pretty much the same as it was before.

I’m still keeping some hope in that they’re still working on it, and only made the sessions full again in time for the Halloween event since the Halloween game mode needs other players, and after this event we’ll get smaller sessions while they fix things.

It is nice to see other players in the game before, but i’m not sure if the trade offs are worth it.

The Halloween Pass was a pretty big snooze, which isn’t really even worth writing about, but I do love the Bar decor!

Rdo Halloween Bar Decor
Rdo Halloween Bar Decor
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