Removed Disqus from Grunch

I wrote a while back that I want to remove all big tech/third party connections and requirements on the sites. Mostly due to big tech censorship, and other shenanigans, also they just don’t need our or your data.

Disabling Twitter/Facebook login/sharing features was easy and simple, because no one needs that trash, but disabling Disqus was a big more troubling.

Disqus is what handled our comment system. It made the comments look very sleek, organized, and easy to manage. The default wordpress comment system is trash, its ugly, counterintuitive, and just blah.

But a change had to be made. I’ve seen many complaints lately about people being shadow banned, their messages auto vanishing on many sites whenever they’d leave a comment, and so on. I hate censorship, anything legal should be allowed, period.

I started to research comment systems more and found a decent comment plugin system for WordPress called: wpDiscuz.

It looks decent, has tons of features, settings for customizations, and best of all: We control it. None of it goes through their servers, The comments are hosted here, and we are the only ones with access to moderating/deleting them. Perfect!

You’ll need a local account here if you want your comments to all my linked, otherwise you should be able to comment as a guest.

Only thing I dislike about wpDiscuz is the stupid article ratings, but I’m sure there is a way to disable that.

Also, I imported all the old disqus comments to our local database, but the avatars, and other things didn’t carry over. But, there aren’t actually many comments, so that’s not a huge deal. Hopefully going forward this will help increase comment interactions.

Below you can see the difference in each system:



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