Sheriff David Clarke Demolishes CNN’s Don Lemon Over Hateful “Black Lives Matter”

I quit watching CNN months ago when they manufactured the entire KKK thing with Trump and it became obviously clear that they have some weird leftist agenda and narrative that they’re following. But its nice to see some gems like this every now and then that comes from CNN.

In this instance, renown Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke demolishes CNN Anchor Don Lemon over “Hateful Black Lives Matter”.

Sheriff Clarke has long been an outspoken critic of Black Lives Matter, which he refers to as “Black Lies Matter”,  since the Group/Movement was based on the lie that Michael Brown was executed by a white police officer while his hands were up in the air — creating the ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ narrative, which is debunked by eye witnesses, and crime scene forensic evidence.

I’m not sure what Lemon or CNN were thinking by having Clarke come on since his disdain and criticizer for Black Lives Matter and President Obama’s anti-cop rhetoric is well known. But due to the shooting earlier in the day in Baton Rouge, CNN decided to have the Sheriff on to give his in message on the shootings, and the result was incredible and really satisfying.

Lemon obviously wasn’t expecting the Sheriff to answer the way he did, and as soon as the Sheriff started talking and left the “narrative”, Lemon quickly became very condescending, interruptive, and at one point even asked Sheriff Clarke to leave.

Watch the Full Interview below: