Parler is back!

The social network that was number one in both App Stores before Big Tech teamed together to destroy it, its finally back after a little over a month of being offline.

Which is great! I’ve been out of the news and happenings loop for a while, since there was no real site to get updates on, other than Twitter, which I barely use and don’t trust due to all their one sided and selective censoring.

Seems they have change the UI and layout of the Parler website, mostly not for the better. Maybe they couldn’t get the old site to work on the new server infrastructure? I don’t know, but it seems to have retained alot of the old settings, such as dark/night mode layout, user profile info, followers, and followees.

Seems all the info boxes such as feed, who to follow, options, etc are in individual iframes. The site looks, and feels really outdated. To be honest though, the old site wasn’t great either. Hopefully they resolve this soon.

They do have a new logo and site icon though!

New Parler Icon

I’m having trouble finding certain things, such as comments to my Parleys, and then replies to those, etc. There doesn’t seem to be an intuitive and easy way to find the post and comment thread. (update: seems you have to click on the actual text in the Parley/post itself, to see the replies to that post, then you have to click on each of those replies to see the replies to them. like I said, very unintuitive.)

All the old Parleys/posts that were made before the site went offline aren’t currently available. Parler devs say all this information has been saved, and will eventually be restored.

All old content will be restored!

Hopefully they’ll get their apps back in the app stores as well, if not, browser based still works, although their current new UI is buggy on my iPhone device.

I made a short tutorial on how to add Parler, or any website to your iPhone’s home screen, and it’ll act similar to an app. You can read the article here.

I’m just happy that the site is back. People should have several choices in where to get their news/updates/happenings at. There should be no monopolies.

Parley Feed
New Dark Layout
New light Layout


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