The Phone Laying face down

So, the iPhone 6 Plus Does Bend

I’m sure many of you have heard of the rumors of the iPhone 6 Plus being brittle and easily bendable. Alot of us blew this off as just haters and anti apple people being crazy and doing what they do. Well surprise! Turns out its true.

Now this could be old news since the iPhone 6 line has already been replaced by the iPhone 6s, but alot of people who got the 6 aren’t going to upgrade to the 6s. We’re going to keep our phones til at least the 7, if we even upgrade then, these suckers are expensive, so it’s an on going issue for most of us.

I’ve had my phone for little over a year now, I bought it last year a little after release and waiting a month to get it. After seeing all the videos and articles about people having their phones becoming bent easily, I was very scared that I paid over a grand for a phone that wasn’t going to be very durable. I was relieved once I finally got me phone to see that my phone was straight, and appeared to be a super strong and durable.

I immediately put my phone in one of its several cases, i think the first was a durable hard box type thing, which then I replaced with another durable mountable hard case from Quadlock which would allow me to easily mount it to my bicycle. I pretty much babied the thing. I had a glass screen protector on it for most of its life until recently when I got tired of trying to apply the damn things without dust getting trapped under neath.

Something weird happening to the screen, same with top right corner.
Something weird happening to the screen, same with top right corner.

Last week I noticed what appeared to be air getting under my screen. It was almost like when you have a screen protector that is coming loose. Same effect. I didn’t take my case off to look at it or anything, and I immediately started looking at my options with apple to have this fixed before it got worse. The phone functioned just fine. It was only the screen that seemed to be separating from itself on the inside.

My only options are to either send Apple the phone, and be without a phone for a week or two. Make a 200+ Mile round trip to visit an Apple store, take advantage of their Advance Replacement service which allows them to send me a phone, and then they give me 10 days to send them my broken one, or just deal with it.

The Advance Replacement service sounds like the best for me. The only scary down side to that service is they’ll put a temp charge on my card for the entire price of the phone, and if they don’t get the phone returned to them within 10 days they’ll chage my a late fee of several hundred, and if they never get the phone they’ll charge me the total price of the phone which is $942.39 including tax. If I wanted to buy a whole other iPhone i’d just get the 6s Plus.

My Apple Care + Expires in November 2016, so I still pretty much have a year left, so I put having it fixed right now on the backburner, after all, it still worked and functioned just fine.

With case on, its barely noticeable.
With case on, its barely noticeable.

Last night I started to notice something odd about my phone. The case I have is the QuadLock case which has the round back which is where the mounts attach too, so it always looks a bit deformed and never sits flat. I usually lay the phone on its back, and last night I decided to lay it on its front, and I noticed how distorted the phone looked. Now I’ve had this phone for little over a year so I didn’t really bother with checking out if it was flat or anything like that, so I hadn’t noticed it til this point.

I took the case off, and surely enough, the dang thing was bent, just like the previous people described theirs bending around the volume button areas. I was actually shocked. The people before weren’t just haters. This really happens.

With case off.
With case off.

For some reason Apple fan boys and myself included always blame the user for their phone being bent, like obvious the user did something to do this. But I can say that I took care of my phone. I paid over $1000 for mine, i’m not going to toss it around and abuse it.  I’m certainly not going to do anything to it that should bend it. Yes, maybe every once in a while I started to sit down and noticed it was in my back pocket, and immediately took it out. Yes maybe it dropped a few times, but nothing that normal phones don’t go through, and certainly like i said, nothing that should bend the damn thing.

It’s very disappointed. The quality seemed nice and Apple is usually known for their quality. But there is obviously something wrong with the iPhone 6 Plus.

I’m not too sure how long my phone has been bent. Even though the screen started to look weird this past week, the bending could’ve started a while ago, and only gotten bad recently. I suppose once its starts bending it can keep bending and getting worse.

The Phone Laying face down
The Phone Laying face down

I contacted Apple Support today via phone to talk about my options. I explained to them that I lived hundreds of miles from any Apple store, so visiting one isn’t an option. The lady on the phone was very nice and asked me for some info and gave me some options, all of which I already knew of from the Support Website, which I already mentioned in this article.

I decided to go with the Advance Replacement. The lady explained to me that I can get the phone replaced for a price of $89, which will use up one of my accidental damage points or whatever in my Apple Care+ Plan. At first I didn’t like that idea since I honestly feel its a defect in the phone, but whatever. I know of many cases where people reported going to the Apple store and having their bent phones replaced for free, but meh, the $89 is less than the gas would cost for me to even get to an Apple Store, so whatever i’m okay with it.

She also explained to me that there would be a temp charge and all that, and explained to me that its only for security, so i don’t jut keep the phone, and I agreed.

She gave me the case number, explained to me that i’ll receive an email to follow up the payment, and wished me a happy holiday.

Express Replacement Service Fee
Advance Replacement Service Fee

I immediately got the email, and completed the payment process, and we’ll see where we go from here.

From reports, Apple made the iPhone 6s more thicker and durable to avoid this issue, so hopefully its just an issue with the iPhone 6. If my replacement bends as easily, I’ll seriously have to question if its worth getting another iPhone in the future, even though I’ve always loved my iPhones and prefer iOS over Android, but these suckers are so pricey.

Edit: Dang, Apple’s shipping is so fast. The replacement phone is due to be delivered tomorrow 12/15. I was worried about going through this entire process right now due to it being holiday season and the carriers will be swamped, but seems to be going just fine.