And we’re back at A Small Orange

A few months ago I moved the Grunch to a small host called “A Small Orange”. Which I loved.

However after a month or so of hosting, I let weirdos weird me out about the fact that EIG owns ASO, which is bad because EIG usually buys hosts and then ruins them.  So, I let my weirdo friend spook me out, so I joined another host, KnownHost, which cost double the money, and used them for a couple months.  To be honest, I was kinda disappointed in KnownHost. Not because they’re bad, but because they’re not much, if not any, better than ASO, and doubled the cost to get the same sort of performance. Don’t get me wrong though, If it weren’t for ASO, I’d stay with KnownHost, and I’ll probably use KnownHost again in the future.

I’ve been debating on moving back to ASO for a couple weeks now. Mostly due to cost. Is this site worth spending nearly a thousand dollars a year to host? I mean, maybe, but I haven’t been in the mood to write anything for a long while as you can tell, which is kind of due to a health/mental issue which will write about sometime in another article. And why spend so much money, when ASO gives the same if not better performance at half the costs?

The only thing that made me put off moving back to ASO is the difficulty. KnownHost is 100%managed. You’ll get a reply from support staff there in within minutes of submitting the ticket, and they’ll fix the issue themselves. You pretty much have to do everything your self if you get a VPS at ASO. ASO does offer managed service which is pricier than KnownHost, Which I haven’t used to read much on.

What finally made me switch was the performance was going down hill at KnownHost. Wasn’t super slow, but wasn’t as fast for the money. I would have to reboot the VPS to increase the speed again. This could be due to cPanel, and such, while the VPS I use at ASO doesn’t have such things.

I was looking yesterday to switch back to ASO, and I noticed that they were doing a cyber Monday deal. 75% off all new packages, and free double ram! HECK OF A DEAL! So I immediately started to consider it. If anything, I could get the LEVEL II VPS again for only $7.50 for the first month, which would allow me to test it. However, the site wasn’t working for me. For some reason it wouldn’t let me order the hosting, or apply the coupon half the time.

ASO - Mark M explaining to me that EIG lets ASO do their own thing
ASO – Mark M explaining to me that EIG lets ASO do their own thing

I spent a few minutes on live chat with Sales support (ASO might not have good customer hands on tech support, but their sales support is !BAM! right there, ha) The sales agent Mark Murphy helped me alot, and manually submitted the order for me. He actually consider buying a whole years worth of hosting. Actually, he was hinting 3 years, but as I explained to him, i don’t really want to buy that far into the future, and I make a remark about EIG might kill ASO by then, which he replied that EIG has been very goo to them, reiterating what i’ve head from other ASO staff, which is EIG lets them to their own thing, which is surprising.

I did the math, and at 75% off, which is 7.50 a month, I could get an entire year for $90, in which Mark corrected me, it’d be $75 since i’ll receive a 16% price break for paying annually. Would be super silly to not take that offer. I did actually consider the 3 year thing, but meh, I didn’t want to pay all that much right now, and as I said, who knows what EIG will do.

By the way, ASO has been owned by EIG since 2012, and since then ASO has been allowed to run independently. So there are no signs that EIG is going to change this anytime soon.

Mark said that the system was kinda slow due to all the people signing up for hosting due to the sweet deals, and suggested that I can either wait for him to enter the info, or check back in a few hour. I said i’d check back later, and surely enough few hour slater the invoice was in my account, and i immediately paid.

Man, this is a sweet deal. I think I’m going to regret not getting more than one year this time next year when the bill is do again.

Once I paid the invoice, my account was immediately set up. Now I had the fun of learning how to install my site again. I say install, because there are alot of steps you gotta do via the VPS control page, and via SHH which is command based. Eventually i was able to get the site up and running, and wow! It was much snappier than it was on KnownHost. I had greater specs at KnownHost, but i think the cPanel must’ve dragged it down, i’m, not sure. I should mention that you can order a raw VPS from KnownHost, and get nginx and all that stuff on it as well, but what makes ASO great, and they have template/LEMPS that are optimized for wordpress, and other situations, that you can easily install.

I am getting better performance at ASO then I was when i moved the site from KnownHost. The score is also higher than the previous score I had on ASO, but since that time, I had disabled some plugins and did some other optimizations while I was at KnownHost.

Here are the scores:

GTMetrix: Using the same files, only different tweaks based on server config, which are automatic on each service.

KnownHost VS ASmallOrange GTMetrix
KnownHost VS ASmallOrange GTMetrix scores

The google Page score pretty much remained the same on each service which is 91/100.

It’s weird how the score on KnownHost has changed from when I first got it. You could tell something was up as the site was slowing down over time.

In the end, We’ll be at A Small Orange for at least the next year.As I’ve always stated, even when i moved from ASO to KnownHost, I love ASO, their speeds and reliability are so amazing for the price. I had no reason to leave them other than that weird EIG issue, which I have since gotten over since it was kinda stupid to begin with.

If you’re looking for a host, please give ASmallOrange a try! As you can see, their speeds are amazing. Unlike many providers, ASO’s speeds and reliablity is consistent.

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gabbro diorite

Hey Josh – So I’ve been following your posts at your various sites. You’ve got a great sense of humor and the photos you’ve posted are really beautiful – you have a great eye for composition. You seem like a cool guy who would be fun to hang out with while driving down a dusty Kansas road. Was kinda reading between the lines of your last post – keep posting – you’ve got people who care. Ciao. Gabbro

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