Short Takes – February 18th 2016 – Brain fog – Donald Trump biased Media

Where Have I been?

As You may have noticed, New content on Grunch is sparse these days, and this is the reason:

So for the past 15 years i’ve been suffering, or should i say living with weird health systems. I don’t really want to dive into all that right now, but the main symptom I have is severe brain fog. What is brain fog? Well mine is lack of mental clairty, and over all the inability to think. It’s like something in my head is preventing signals from connecting, I can’t really explain it. I used to think it was memory issues, but i figured out that it was just slow processing, which affects memory, and all the rest of things, including and especially concentration. Sometimes i get a weird tired/fatigue spell, and the brain fog is much worse.

For the longest time i could just deal with it, and slowly work my way around it, but for the past few months it has been so bad that even when i tried to think my head would  literally hurt and the symptoms/fog would get worse.

I thought maybe the bad shape of my teeth and the abscesses and other related infections were contributing to it, but I had all that stuff dealt with back in September, which hasn’t helped any.

A couple months ago I finally decided to start trying to find the cause of my symptoms. I ordered some hormone and thyroid blood tests from which i recommend (save money, and order the tests you want yourself), and every thing came back as okay, but I have a Vitamin D Insufficiency. At first I didn’t think too much about this because nearly everyone these days has it, but i as researched it, it turns out that this Vitamin D is really a hormone that has receptors in nearly every sell in the body, especially including the brain, As i started to think, maybe this could contribute. The timeline does make sense: The winter sets in, days get shorter, etc less sun = symptoms getting worse.

I’m still not sure, but I have been taking the normal treament for such insufficiency which is 10,000 IU of D3 a day. My symptoms have been up and down, but for the most part haven’t mproved much yet, although today they are okay enough for me to even write this. When this bottle of D3 is empty, i’ll order more blood tests and see where my levels are, i also want to get tested for Iron, Zinc, and other things.

I’ve read reports of people who have had similar issues, and they were resolved a few months after taking treating their Vitamin D levels, so we’ll see, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

I’m starting to think that my issue might be digestive related since my other symptoms include constipation and such. But I’m not sure. I don’t want to get sucked into this weird gluten thing, but certain foods don’t make my head worse, and if they do its delayed so hard to spot. i dunno.

By the way: For anyone who says “why not just goto doctor”, well I have wasted thousands of dollars on doctors years ago, only to come up with nothing and to be let down. I actually gave up on trying to find out my issue, until it got much worse lately. Once i detect something crazy in my levels, i’ll then goto doctor if its not something i can treat myself.

I must point out that this issue doesn’t make me stupid, just slows down some processing. It’s like an internal thinking thing, because I still appear witty and sharp to others (as they say sometimes), and I don’t seem to appear to be having this issue to anyone else in person, so i don’t know. But it doesn’t mean I’m stupid. ha Wanted to make that clear.

But I should state that it does make me a pure, raw thinker. For some reason I don’t think with emotions anymore. I think with what i feel is common sense and go with that, which is a good thing.

I thought about closing Grunch down for now, since obviously i can’t keep it active, but meh, no one really comes here anyways, and the archived content might help. Also i noticed that pushing myself to produce is create content helps my brain.

I am still looking for other bloggers or writer people to join me here. Grunch is a nice site, b rand, whatever. I pay for it, come join ,ha.

ABC is so anti Trump – Deleting Pro Trump posts

I knew the media was so anti Trump and biased against him, but  I hadn’t witnessed it first hand. If you head on over here to this article ABC ?NEWS? posted about Trump inviting a guy up who dealt with a rude protester, and a army vet and police officer to the stage to honor and thank them, You can see how they kept all the crazy anti trump posts, but deleted anything logical or positive about Trump.

Someone was crying saying that Trump is against free speech, I merely replied to them stating that Trump pays for these private venues in order to give his rallies. His campaign sets up areas outside for protesters to do their thing. They have no right to disrupt his private event. Some how, they post along with all the other pro Trump comments were deleted, but all the posts comparing him to Hitler (rolleyes) were left. Really?

My Deleted Pro Trump Post
My Deleted Pro Trump Post

I suppose I could’ve left the “victim” part out, but im so sick of people anymore feeling as though they are victims. No one is entitled or owed anything, but maybe mutual respect.

Even the guy I replied to suggested that the replies weren’t bad, so has no idea why they were removed.

OP Doesn't even understand why the replies were deleted
OP Doesn’t even understand why the replies were deleted


Sorry ABC News, but you aren’t going to be able to stop. Supporters and free thinkers are on to the media, and your distortion only makes us stronger.

I don’t really want to make this post about why I like Trump, but just wanted to point out the obvious Bullshit that the media is doing and how biased they are, which Trump points out constantly. Don’t trust what they say. Nearly everything that they’ve said so far about Trump such as things he’s said, have been taken completely out of context. He’s never said anything racist, or crazy. Everything makes sense once you hear what he says in the full form and original context. Use your own ears.

I plan on writing a full Trump article soon if my brain allows me, ha.