Facebook Messenger Desktop
Facebook Messenger Desktop

Facebook Messenger App – Desktop

“Messenger for Desktop

A simple & beautiful app for Facebook Messenger.
Chat without distractions on any OS.”

OS X, Windows & Linux

Facebook Messenger Desktop
Facebook Messenger Desktop

The days of leaving your desktop browser window open so you can use facebook chat are over!

Someone has released a version of facebook messenger for Desktop (github). which means just like the olden days with messenger apps, you have it in your tasktray, and can chat, receiving notifications, all that goodness from your desktop.

The program is very cleanly done, I actually thought Facebook made it themselves, and is very stable. The program doesn’t require you to grab permission from facebook to log in either.

Is the desktop app even still useful? I don’t know, I know most people use facebook from their mobile devices now, but for people like me who still use a desktop computer for pretty much everything, its really handy to have the messenger on 24/7, without needing to leave Firefox open. Also it’s very annoying to constantly pick the phone up to check messages when you’re on the computer.

So far, It seems to have all the features the mobile apps do, such as picture sharing, emoticons (i know they have a new name for these but i don’t remember it, nor use them, lacking my hipsterness). and seems to run smooth.

Messenger Contact List
Messenger Contact List

The contact/online list is hard to find. In order to find it you must click the “create new message” icon, and then click in the search box. After that the contact list will load below it, which is weird functionality, but hey, i didn’t think they included that common sense feature since it was so hard to find. But its there!

The website claims that you can record voice messages (I use these often on the mobile app to sing and annoy people), but I don’t see the option anywhere to record voice clips.

Problem i’ve had years ago with programs such as Trillian is it’d disconnect alot when trying to use Facebook Messenger, and also some of the messages didn’t go through. This was years ago though, and all that could be resolved by now.

Anyways, Facebook Messenger for Desktop (Windows, OS X, Linux) is available, and working great.

Head on over to http://messengerfordesktop.com to grab it!

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