My new TV/Movie Endeavor

This isn’t really a review, but just a blab. I’ll write a review in the future for each of the devices I speak about in this rambling post, such as the Roku, the Tv, Netflix, etc.

It’s been many many years since I’ve owned a TV of my own, or even had live tv access. For the past nearly a decade I’ve just downloaded shows and movies onto my computer, and watched them all on it.  I live out in the country where I don’t have access to any live TV such as cable, and satellite is too expensive with their contracts and such.

I’m no where near being a TV/Home Theater expert, so I am learning now as I go.

This year Dish Network announced Sling TV (read my rambling review here, new one coming soon), and let me relive what its like to have live Streaming TV. The problem with doing it the way I was which was just downloading tv shows, is that I never find any new shows to watch, and i end up watching the same shows over and over on repeat.

Live TV not only allows me to discover live tv, but it also allows me to have new background noise playing, ha.

I also want to get into watching movies at least once a week again. I used to watch movies ALL THE TIME when I was a kid, and I do miss it.

The first thing I needed to do was get a TV.  I wanted a decent sized tv to immerse me into the movie. With my computer monitor, even though its a large 27″ I had to sit close for it to even fill most of my vision. This was okay for the most part since it was only a couple of feet from by bed, but still not super immersive. Walmart had a bunch of TV’s on sale. They had some Samsung 55″ for $800 or so, but as I was doing researched on them (im one of those people that stand in the middle of the isle forever researching the potential purchases on my phone), and it turns out the TV was the 2012 model, What the heck?

I know from my previous employment at Walmart that alot of the TV’s are lower end models, so I make sure to research this to make sure the TV is top notch. Don’t get me started on the blasphemys they sell on Black Friday.

I always thought my expensive TV purchased would be a Samsung, whom seems to make the best quality TV’s, with that said, I’m not completely against Vizio’s. Vizio has came a very long way since they first came out with their budget TVs a decade ago. Their quality for price seems to be the best value you can get anymore.

Vizio m60-c3
Vizio m60-c3

Since the 2012 model was still $800+, I figured I might as well pay more for a new generation model. I started looking at the TV’s on the wall, and there it was. I saw the 2015 model Vizio 60″ 4k LED TV (model m60-c3). Never crossed my mind to get a TV this large, but Oh my heck! The screen this thing had was BEAUTIFUL. Bright, Crisp, Clear, and just simply stunning. Standing less than 5feet a way, you could not see a single pixel on this thing.  HOLY MY GOD HECK! I’ve never seen a TV before that I wanted so bad. A 60″ Is much more than I was looking for, but dang it, this thing would be so immersive, and also the picture was so beautiful. I could hook this up to my computer, and the 4k resolution would allow me to actually use it from a few feet away, if I wished. I stood there looking at it for about 30 minutes before I talked myself out of getting it. The price tag of $1,398 was a bit too much for me to invest in a  TV at the moment.

I couldn’t get the TV out of my mind after I left the store. I went home to research the model some more, mostly good reviews. It’s hard to be trustful of reviews anymore, but overall they highly praised the TV.

Walmart has been sending me financing offer info for the past year or so since I’ve head the Walmart CreditCard. The financing offer says on purchases upwards for $599 I’d have 24 months to pay it off without any interest being added. I never even thought about using this deal before, but I couldn’t get this Tv off my mind. So, I started doing the math. For this TV, plus tax which came to around $1,500, I’d only have to pay around $63 a month to have this TV paid off in full by the end of the two year mark. Now I hate being in debt, or racking up things on credit cards, but I do love these financing offers. They really help make life and working every day worth living. Can buy nice things, and not feel it really at all. Or at least this is what I tell myself when I’m inlove with a pricey TV. I know you can probably get the TV cheaper online, but I prefer buying expensive things like this at real stores, so I can easily return/exchange the TV if it has an issue, and over all save more in the long run with price and convenience.

Anyways, a few hours after I left walmart, I decided to go back and get the TV. The heck with it. I work every day, I deserve a nice TV dang it!

As I arrived at walmart, and back in front of the 60″ Tv, I looked at it for 30 more minutes trying to talk myself out of it. I knew this was going to be an expensive purchase.

Not only would I have to buy the TV, I need some sort of sound system for it. I know TV Speakers aren’t that great, and I’m going for a semi-immersive feeling. I also discovered that Sling doesn’t have an APP for the Vizio TV’s yet (they suggested to me on Facebook they are working on it), which means I’d have to buy a media Streaming device as well.

My sister recently purchased a Chromecast streaming stick, but that thing doesn’t have a remote, besides the app remote you can install on your phone. By the time I can load the app on my phone and turn the channel, i could easily walk to the TV and change it (I know these devices don’t have buttons on them, more of an expression). The Roku Streaming Stick was only $49, the Roku 2 was $69, and the Roku 3 was $99, these are the in store Walmart prices. You can save alot of money if you don’t mind ordering online and waiting for them to come. Personally I’d rather pay $20 or so extra for instant gratification.

Since I only needed  the streaming device for Sling since the Vizio TV had Netflix and everything else built into it, I decided to go with the cheapest option, the Roku Streaming Stick. Unlike the Chromecast stick, the Roku variant actually comes with a physical remote.

** I know I could just hook this TV to my computer via HDMI, and run the desktop Sling program, but I’d really prefer the TV run independently from my computer for now.

I looked at home theater systems, the good ones seemed to be in the $250+ price ranges, and came with a built in BluRay player. I don’t care for BluRay. I don’t seem myself ever again going and buying pshycial discs to watch movies on. I know the BluRay portion added alot to the price. I decided to pass on the selection of home theater systems this store offered.

I checked out some Sound bars. The new Sound bars seem to be of high quality, and come with 5.1 speakers, and sub woofer. I always had the impression that sound bars were pretty much for when the speakers in your TV go out, but now they seem to be the real home theater deal.

I figured I’d skip the soundbar for now as well, and research some more, and save up some cash, I’d rather pay with cash then rack up more debt. I’m leaning towards the VIZIO S4251W-B4 that retails for $298 at walmart.
Edit: June 2 – I went to the local walmart and bought the VIZIO SB3851-C0 38″ 5.1 Sound Bar System. They didn’t have the previous one I wanted in stock online, or in any stores, so this is the next best one, which retails for $248. It sounds alright, not too sure just yet if I’m happy with it. So far I’ve only watched some TV and listened to some music, which was meh, later on after work I’ll watch a movie.

I had the Walmart worker guy get the TV from me in the back, scanned the 24 month financing voucher, paid with my Walmart CreditCard, and I was on my way.

For the rest of the night I rearranging my room. My room is full of workout benches, and a large queen size bed. There was no way that this thing was going to fit in my room.

I had to move the room around, get rid of the Queen Size bed (its only me, the dang thing is soft, but not needed), got my twin mattress back, and wallah! Nice HUGE TV taking up nearly half my wall.

Man oh man, this tv is nice!

I started hooking up the Roku streaming stick, and noticed the dang thing does not fit in the HDMI ports in the back. The stick is just too long, and it doesn’t fit within the inner bevel space  for the hookups. I was able to put it on the side 4k 30hrtz HDMI port (the tv comes with two 4k ports, one 30hrz and the other 60hrz). Probably the best spot for it anyways in case I stream some 4k content from Roku. But I suggest if you get this tv to get some sort of HDMI Extender cable, I’m sure they make them. So you can plug that it into the back, and then hook the Roku stick to it.

Loaded the Roku, selected Sing Tv, Logged in, watched my live Sling TV on this massive 60″er!

The bad thing about this Roku Streaming Stick is that half the time it doesn’t seem to respond at all. Just freezes, and is very slow to even change the channel.

This morning I took the Roku Streaming Stick back to the store, and exchanged it plus paid the difference, and just got the Roku 3, and wow, this thing is speedy fast. Much worth the extra money.
Weird thing is, the Roku 3 seems to have a much more crisp clear/HD like interface, or perhaps the streaming stick I got was just a faulty unit.

The sound quality is light, meh its okay, It’s what you’d expect from a TV, and will do it’s job for now, but a sound system is a must! Sling doesn’t have 4k content, not even sure if it has HD content, but it didn’t look too bad.

Dexter playing in 4k Via Netflix. I know i'm using TV tray Stands for the TV, i'm not a fancy finicky guy, with furniture, but I plan on getting a real stand eventually, ha.
Dexter playing in 4k Via Netflix. I know i’m using TV tray Stands for the TV, i’m not a fancy finicky guy, with furniture, but I plan on getting a real stand eventually, ha.

I’ve read that Netflix has 4k content, using the APP in the Tv, not the Roku, I logged into my dads Netflix account  (I didn’t have an account at the time), and it looked alright.  After researching this a bit, I realized you had to pay more for Ultra HD Content on Netflix, and my dad only had the normal basic plan. I signed up for my own account, and now am on the 30 day trial (you can get the 30 trial instead of 7 day, but going through the signup process, and then not completing the payment. A few hours later Netflix will email you with a 30 day trial offer). The HD content does look nice, but I haven’t explored it alot yet. But it is beautiful.

I’m going to have to get used to seeing every pore, blemish, spot on the actors face though.

Dexter skin
Dexter skin

I never cared much for youtube. I didn’t know people actually used Youtube and watched it as they would a real TV channel, but ever since getting this TV, I have changed my view. The built in YouTube app is beautiful, and easy to navigate. I must’ve spent more time watching HD youtube content then I have watching Sling or NetFlix.

I hooked the TV up to my PC via HDMI, and wow, it is beautiful. The resolution is so dang high. I have a EVGA Geforce GTX 770 4gb, so, it can support the 4k resolution just fine for normal usage, and minor gaming. Minecraft loads up just fine, and looks beautiful on this TV. Battlefield 3 and 4 don’t perform so well, and I don’t want to turn down the setting son them, my ultra wide computer monitor will due just fine for now playing this games, but I do plan on upgrading my cards in the future. Many suggest SLI 2 GTX cards to get the best gameplay. I might just get another 770 and see how that goes, they should be much cheaper now than when I bought them. I know I probably can’t afford 2x any newer gen cards.

So far I am extremely happy with my choice in getting this TV. If you’re looking for a newer gen 4k TV for a good price, I suggest getting this TV.

Another cool thing about this TV is the remote. It has a full sized illuminated

Vizio Remote
Vizio Remote

keyboard on the back of it, and also doesn’t require those infrared or whatever sensors like my last tube TV did back in the 90s early 00s., which is new and nice to me.

I look forward to finding out about new movies, TV shows, and devices to further expand my experience.

I’ll write an actual review in the future on each of these devices and services after I use them a bit more, but for now, THIS TV IS AWESOME. Skip the Roku Streaming stick and just get either the Roku 2 or 3.

Any info, feedback, suggestions will be greatly appreciated, especially regarding SoundBars, and such.