AH! Never buying Canon again! warning!

I sold cameras for a few years, and always suggested Canon cameras to the customers. I used to think that they were solid, and returned much better results for the customers. I now think that i was so wrong.

A few months ago I bought a SD780 IS 12-mega pixel Canon camera. I bought it because it was super slim, and took great pictures.

Soon after I bought the camera i noticed spots on the pictures. I knew instantly what this was because I had the same problem with a Sanyo camera that i actually replaced with the Canon.

Some how dust gets inside the camera lens, and onto the sensor, which cannot be cleaned yourself, because there is no way to actually take apart the lens to clean the sensor, and if you attempt to you risk ruing the entire camera.
Having spots, and crap all over my digital pictures really ruined the want for me to even take pictures with the camera.

I was actually shocked that something like this could happen to a Canon camera. I wasn’t around dusty or dirty areas with the camera, and i hadn’t been throwing it around or anything. I’ve been protective of my Cameras since I LOVE taking pictures.

The Sanyo camera had it worse. I mean there were about 10 spots on each picture. I just assumed it was because Sanyo is a cheap discount like brand.
Never even thought I’d have any related issues with the Canon.

So, I immediately returned the camera to the store and exchanged it for another one. I should’ve got a whole different brand, but I just figured that i was unlucky and got a bad camera.

Instantly when i started taking pictures with the  brand new replacement, I noticed a spot on the left side of the screen. Luckily this one didn’t show up in the pictures. Maybe it was just a screen defect.

A little bit ago i went out to take pictures, and guess what?!? A big huge piece of dirt on top of the image sensor. AH!

I was able to finally get it off the middle of the picture by flicking the side of the expose lens barrel.

I contacted Canon via email, and they said I can mail them the camera, and they’ll attempt to repair it. Which i think I may do. Usually I don’t bother with that sort of stuff, but i spent a couple hundred dollars on this camera, and Canon owes me a perfectly fine working camera that produces beautiful clear pictures. AHH!
Im just so annoyed and let down.

You can kinda see the spot in this picture. imagine trying to take a picture of a bright blue sky, or anything with a solid color. It shows up clearer in those pictures, which is horrible.

I should’ve took more example pictures, but im too annoyed and pissed at Canon to even touch the camera right now.

Here is a picture taken with the first camera i had gotten, which you can clearly see the spots:

Just watch out for these slim compact Canon Cameras. I can’t imagine that i just got unlucky twice.