Watch: Absolute Proof – Mike Lindell Documentary on the 2020 Election

Mike Lindell of MyPillow has released his long awaited documentary on the 2020 Presidential Election.

Big tech is censoring and removing this video as soon as its posted, but in a common sense free speech world, people should be able to see the video and come up with their own conclusions, which is why i’m posting it here.

I have yet to watch the video in its entirety, I’m only posting so people who want to watch it can, but i don’t see what Mike has to gain from lying about any of this. I certainly trust him more than I do these do nothing corrupting self enriching politicians.

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Andrew Kowach

This is the clear truth!! End of story!

Robert Pfeffer

Well if people here still believe in these conspiracy theories, insist that Donald Trump won, and don’t trust the totality of our voting process, just don’t vote.

James Sutton

same people who say this, are also the same people who cried about Russian collusion for 4+ years, even after millions of dollars spent investigating which found zero evidence. Mike points out all the actual evidence for voter fraud.

Last edited 2 years ago by James Sutton
Andrew Kowach

If those people call those who present facts about how the election was rigged, go look and disprove and then present your independent findings!! They love to just say we are conspiracy theories but they are just parating those words, without actually doing any real research themselves!!


Thank you for posting this information.
How come Epoch News, Newsmax, Rumble, NTD are not covering? Who is threatening them?
It is so scary that our world has become George Orwell’s 1984.
if it is supposedly fake news then let us so-called free Americans decide for ourselves. If this is fiction then why block us from seeing it on typical channels? Why? Our polluted leaders have a lot to hide.

Last edited 2 years ago by Bill
Alan W Hill

He should be listened to no matter your judgement of him

B. Augment

Josh, just so you know, there might be a monetary benefit (for Lindell). He is a close ally of Trump and Trump raised a very large $250 million fund from his supporters’ donations to investigate elections fraud.

In 2020 FEC filings, Trump had only used $10 million for actually investigating fraud. Powell and Giuliani have been falling over each other to get Trump’s attention to prove the election was stolen (there appears to be significant rivalry with Giuliani going so far as to insist Powell was not part of Trump’s legal team even though she was still being invited to the meetings).

You don’t have to believe me, but I know from having researched this vigorously for months that there are errors in Lindell’s video and it does not show both sides. Some of the issues they bring up were caught and self-corrected by elections officials (in other words, the system worked and the final tallies were correct, they are not examples of fraud). No system is perfect, we should always be looking for ways to improve it, but the majority of elections officials are trying to do a good job.

As most people know, Trump doesn’t like to lose. It’s possible he has offered a substantial cash “bonus” to whoever helps him convince the public that the election was stolen. I have no proof of this, I am only going on his fraud fund-raising efforts and his past patterns of behavior. Maybe Lindell hopes to be rewarded for this endeavor (maybe it was even financed by the Trump voter fraud fund).

The main idea I’m trying to get across is that elections security has to be approached from a nonpartisan viewpoint so all votes are counted. It isn’t about finding more votes for one side or the other by constantly claiming fraud. The history of elections-fraud lawsuits does not show more wrong-doing by one side or the other.



B. Augment. Just so you know that the word “might” is often used to plant an idea into someones head in the hopes that they missed the “might” so they think it is true. It is also used as a safety net in the event that the statement is challenged. Why say it in the first place if you have nothing to support your suspicion. Also, it was Lindell who raised $250 million; Trump raised $10 million.

It is true that Trump used $10 million on investigation. That makes sense because that is all he had to spend. Now, thanks to Lindell, he has lots more. “Appears to be” is a subjective term that basically means nothing in the context you used it (Guiliani/Powell) plus I don’t know what that was supposed to suggest.

As for Lindel’s video not showing both sides: 1. Documentaries are not required to show both sides (check out Michael Moore) 2. Election officials (they’re the ones being investigated for fraud!) caught and corrected errors does not prove in any way that the system worked or that the final tallies were correct (common sense). 3. The majority (how did your research find the majority? What are the numbers?) of election officials may well be trying to do a good job or they may well have failed. Just because some try to do a good job does not a fair election make (common sense – need investigation).

“Trump does not like to lose”. 1. The last I heard, there is no law against how one feels. 2. How do you know what most people know? (no proof). Some people like that trait. Some people think that is what makes a winner. You make it sound like wanting to win is a bad thing!

As for “It’s possible” Trump gave money blah blah blah. Anything is possible. 1. You admit you have no proof, so why did you say it? Are you trying to make it look like a sinister motive? No law against paying someone to investigate and give findings to the public. 2. Pray tell, what are his “fraud fund-raising efforts” and “past patterns of behavior”? Again state something without any facts to back them up.

Here we go again with the “Maybe”. 1. “Maybe” Lindell believes in Trump. 2. “Maybe” he believes, like Trump” that the election was fraudulent. 3. “Maybe” he just like to make documentaries 4. “Maybe” there is no law against hoping for a reward for a job well done. 5. If Lindell were to be paid for his work on fraud, one would expect the reward to come from a fund set specifically for fraud (IRS would expect that) since Lindell was helping expose fraud.

Another unsubstantiated statement on the history of elections-fraud lawsuits. Please list ALL the case law pertaining to election fraud upon which you relied.

In summary, I’ve gone through nearly every statement you made and in the end, you said nothing of substance.


For real truth about all this political mess, I recommend a YouTube named Probably Alexandra. Be prepared to be mind blown and then set free from all this.

leston brewer

allways wondered how the that chapter of animal farm would play out thouhgt the wrk horse could be jfk but hinkit fits donald trump better its up to us the barnyard animals to get our crap together and rite the ship thelaw is on our side(the law of nature and that of natures GOD(YAHWH)) 911 was chapter 18 of revaltions e are in 19 and 20 and because the book is linear and revolving we are going to see the whole book play out in our time

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