Forget Battlefield, Call of Duty… Insurgency is where it’s at.


Forget Battlefield, especially forget Call Of Duty… I’m Addicted to Insurgency.

First let me explain what I believe Insurgency is: Insurgency is a real time paced Multiplayer Tactical Shooter game based in Iraq. You’re either the Security Forces (USA), or the Insurgents.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge Battlefield fan…. when it works. But lately Battlefield 4 just doesn’t work for me. I can join a game only to lag out and be kicked within minutes. I have no idea as into why this is happening, but I think it’s from a recent patch that was released in the past few months. It really makes the game unplayable for me because I can be doing a good job in the game, and then I lose “connection to the server”, even though my internet is fine, and I don’t have this issue with any other game, nor any drops in my internet.

I bought Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare thinking it’d be better than the past few COD titles since it was made buy a different studio (I think?), but nope, more of the same-o. But now you can jump high. I never really liked the fast paced run and gun that is all of major recent COD Titles.

I first played the Insurgency game back in like 2005?2007? when it was a mod for half life 2, and even then it was a great realistic paced game. They had trouble within the development team around that time, which put the game on hiatus for almost a decade, until last year when It was released as a full game on Steam, with much improved graphics, and gameplay. Plus, the best thing, it’s only $15!

I bought it around the time it was released, but had never gotten around to playing it. Battlefield worked okay at the time So I just continued playing it.

However with the trouble I’ve been having with battlefield, I decided to load up Insurgency and give it a go, and wow! I wish I had been playing it for a long while now.

Teammate drops in front of me with bullets flying.. now i'm alone.
Teammate drops in front of me with bullets flying.. now i’m alone.

The game is no where near a run and gun game like COD, or even like Battlefield. It’s realistically paced, and if you stick your head out at the wrong time, or try to run across a road without cover, you most likely will be shot and killed by the enemy. You have to be realistic, keep your eyes open, and think about what you’re doing, just as I assume you would in real life. It’s actually very stressful to see your teammates drop and die around you, even seeing the enemy dead on the ground can trigger a nerve.

You will not be able to be shot 10 times and still run around. If you get hit even once in a critical area, you’re dead. Same with killing enemies, you won’t have to unload clips into them for them to drop, one or two aimed shots will take them out. And be wise with your ammo, I think depending on your kit, you can get from 3 to 6 magazines. At first I thought everyone was limited to 3, but earlier I had 6, so who knows.

It’s taking me a while to change my way of thinking. I’m used to Battlefield where you can pretty much run around, which isn’t as fast paced and run and gun as COD games, but its still not very realistic.

I really like how this game actually has SERVERS. Unlike Call Of Duty, Titan fall, an d some other games matchmaking where a player is a laggy host of the game, this game has a static steady servers that the game is hosted on. Another good thing about actual servers is that you can join the same server, with the settings you prefer, and easily join your friends. I’ve always found playing hosting to be crap.

Insurgency Insurgent Kit Modify
Insurgency Insurgent Kit Modify

The loadout and kit selection confused me at first. Unlike COD and Battlefield, you don’t unlock weapons, which you can keep and equip as you go. Instead, every player starts out a certain amount of points, which you have to use to set up your gun. Weapon sights take a certain amount of points each, other addons such as foregrip, tracer bullets, etc also take points. Armor is the same. You have to make a decision on your gear. You can have a red dot sight, or foregrip, Can have more powerful bullets, or no frag grenade.

*Edit, I suppose I still don’t fully understand the loadout and how you get unlocks. I seem to get more points for games as I play and do well. Not many, but some. I notice that I can eventually add another addon to the gun. But these reset each game i believe.

Graphics aren't that bad.
Graphics aren’t that bad.

Some people might be turned off by the graphics. They aren’t as sexy and shiny as Battlefield or Call Of Duty, but they’re nice. I believe the game is built on the older Source engine, but I think they did a good job with what they had. Graphics aren’t a big requirement really with many games, when the gameplay is good, you barely notice the graphics. Don’t get me wrong though, the game does look nice, but you can tell its on the older Source Engine.

I get a constant 60fps on max all settings with my EVGA GTX 770 4gb, which is also a plus. Since it is an older engine, you really don’t need the most recent powerhouse Graphics Cards.

The newer updated Source engine is about to be released, I hope they upgrade the game to this engine.

Insurgency Night Time Battle
Insurgency Night Time Battle

The maps are beautifully designed, and each much has its own atmosphere, such as the cold snowy maps, and the hot desert makes really make you feel like you are there. The maps are small compared to other games, but they don’t feel super tiny. Best of all,  Insurgency has NIGHT TIME MAPS! The nighttime maps are nearly pitch black besides where there are street lights and other ambient lights. You can equip night vision, but they really only help so much.

The game modes are awesome. I usually play Push, or Ambush which seem to be points you have to capture to push the other enemy back, when  you have all the checkpoints/flags you win. VIP is fun as well where you have to escort a VIP to an extraction zone.

As I said, the game is only $15 on steam, has regular updates, and very active devs. The game is super amounts of fun. But remember to not give up so easily. You have to  adapt to the game, especially if you’re coming from a run and gun game such as Call of Duty.

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