New Site Layout/Theme

I’ve begun work setting up a new theme for the site. Unlike our previous theme, this new should should allow us to be more flexible with the content, and also add new features to the site.

I have the main page working and usable for the time being, the article pages still need much work, but they’re readable at the moment as well.

Here is a comparison of the old theme and the new:

Home layout:

oldhome newhome

As you can see, the new home page takes up less space, while showing more content. Also it does not display repetitive content.

Article layout:


I think some aspects of the older article layouts were better, but I’ll work on making the new one even better.

Alot of thought has to go into the sidebar widgets we use. I don’t want to use the same widgets most sites use, but I also don’t want to have no info displayed on the side. We’ll figure out out.

More updates to come!


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