Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is the latest in the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six series, and I must say, it’s a whole hootin heck of a fun time.

The first thing I noticed about this game is that it was very similar to an other game I played and wrote about earlier this year, called BurstFire, which I actually liked. You can read that article here.

At the time, I didn’t know that Burstfire was pretty much trying to clone Rainbow Six Siege. I have to say, they did a pretty good job at it. It has alot of the same features and such. But way more bugs, and the graphics and engine don’t seem as polished. The matchmaking was complete rubbish as well.

Luckily, Rainbow Six Siege doesn’t suffer from any of that, and is a well made, rounded game. There are some bugs though, but no game killing bugs. Before I bought the game I read reviews which moaned about server lag, rubber banding, and players being kicked from servers, but I played for an entire day without any of these issues, but I was finally kicked from a game today, which isn’t a huge issue since matchmaking is so fast and I was back into another game within a few minutes.

*Edit – December 7th, 2015I’m not sure what happened, but now matchmaking is a laggy buggy slow mess. Takes ages to join a game, if you ever do get to join one. Was fine the first few days for me, maybe many more people are ATTEMPTING to play now and the servers cant keep up? i dunno, but I give up most of the time now, and go play lone wolf mode or something. Devs have stated that they are working on a patch with no ETA. We’ll See We’ll see. *

*Edit – December 10th, 2015Connection issues must’ve been a temp thing. Been connecting fast and just fine yesterday and today.



I did however have a bug where I kept getting stuck on my own legs, or something weird, and it was preventing me from moving or doing anything. The fix for this was to go into prone which freed me. There also seems to be a bug with the voice system. Supposedly people are supposed to only hear you when you push the mic button which is U, some how it gets stuck sometimes and doesn’t indicate that others can hear you. I was singing Britney Spears for a while, and I didn’t realize it til finally after a while someone said something.

The Performance of the game is great. I usually average 60-70 FPS on a GTX 770 4G @2560x1080res, and it never stutters or hangs. The graphics might not be the super best ever, but they’re nice and the game looks great.

Bullets Flyin', Shit happening!
Bullets Flyin’, Shit happening!

Rainbow Six Siege is a 6vs6 slow but realistic paced tactical multiplayer game, where both teams have to use their sources, and be strategic on how to complete their mission. The game itself is pretty simple in the idea, The terrorist lock them selves in a building thats containing a hostage or bomb, and they have to reinforce the walls and door ways to protect it from the attackers. Although the game is slowly paced, it can be over very quickly if either side makes a mistake, such as shooting the hostage, or killing each other.

Each round starts with a few minutes for either side to prepare and plan. The attackers have remote controlled drones which they drive through the building using access vents, and tiny gaps that are conveniently placed on the bottom of every single door and barricade, and scout the building for for the terrorist or hostage/bomb and spot them, while the terrorist on the other hand use the time to reinforce the walls, barricade door ways, and place traps.

There is no single player campaign, which alot of people are moaning about, but I don’t care much for single player, its nice but not rquired. Single player campaigns don’t have much replay value and usually once you beat them thats it. Online is where it stays fresh, and this game does that well but there are a series of single player training missions, that can be pretty fun. The AI is kinda stupid though, but they can be tough. There is also Terrorist Hunt, which is a group of humans, or you can lone wolf it, go against a of AI controlled terrorist. It can be fun, but like i said, the AI is so stupid.

Each team has many tools and resources at their dispense, such as heart rate monitors to detect players through walls, disruptive to block drones, and so on.

Heat Beat Scanner detects two enemy.
Heat Beat Scanner detects two enemy.

The wall reinforcements come in very handy because nearly every wall or item in the game is destructible, not entirely though meaning entire buildings and rooms wont collapses, but almost all the walls can be blown away with bullets or bombs.

wanna see through a wall? make a hole!
wanna see through a wall? make a hole!

The thing that has really impressed me about this game is the fluid moment. You can crawl prone forward, backwards, side ways, etc. And it’s cool seeing your legs realistically lay out in front of you. You can also lean and look around corners, which is a rarity in alot of FPS games today.

Repelling up and down structures has to be one of my favorite things in the game, well that and reinforcing walls. You can take the enemy by surprise buy repelling up a building, and then down the side of another and bust through a window. The reinforcing wall thing is cool because the way it expands and the sounds, i don’t know, it’s just fun.

Just Repelling with a bud!
Just Repelling with a bud!


The game provides a very immersive raw feeling and atmosphere. The sounds on this game are simply amazing. I think the sound is one of the things that makes this game very intense. You can hear the other team breaking things and moving around in another room, and the louder it gets, the closer you know they are, and the more your heart starts to beat. The fact that you only get one life per round adds to the suspense.

While the game can be more realistic than most FPS, it does kind of mock that idea by having huge blood spray. When someone is shot, especially in the head, it like explodes into a big red mist, and the surrounding walls are covered in blood splatter. It’s not gruesome, just cool.

Headshot! Blood Mist
Headshot! Blood Mist

The operative and customization system is very confusing, and I still haven’t figured it out. Things are laid out weird and I dunno.

Weapon Upgrades
Weapon Upgrades

The game requires you to earn points by playing the game, and from the points you get what the game calls “Renown”, which is ingame currency you use to unlock operatives/soldiers, and upgrade the weapons, etc. The program with this is it takes FOREVER to earn enough renown to unlock operatives and weapons. You can buy ingame renown or whatever using real money to speed up the process though, and alot of people cry about these “micro transactions” but its very expensive and not required, so I doubt very many people take advantage of this.

Then there is another screen that lets you chose from the available unlocked operatives, and you can select from some weapons that you have previously upgraded.
Each operative comes with their own special gadgets, such as sniper rifles, heart rate monitor, ballistic shields, and so on.

Operative Loadout
Operative Loadout

Ubisoft also provides online stats and leaderboards, however i’m not too sure how accurate these are, or when they are updated. I played hours upon hours, and it says I’ve only played 3 hours, which can’t be true. Or maybe it is, maybe it only counts actual time in a round/mission, and not the wait time, etc.

So far, this game is HUGE fun. No regrets on buying it at all. I see myself playing this alot for the next month at least. Ubisoft does plan on DLC, but they said that all the new MAPS will be free. The game doesn’t get boring as it is, because the bomb or hostage is always in a different area, and the way you approach it is different each game. There are just so many variables that change.

This game is a fresh breath from faced paced shooters such as COD, or even Battlefield, which i play the most.  It would be so amazing to have this type of game play, on a huge open map like what we have in Battlefield 4.

The game is currently $59, is it worth it? meh i don’t know. I don’t really want to pay $59 for any game, but its really fun, and funner than most $60 games out there. You can buy it on cd key sites as I did for much less. The price seems to be rising on those sites as well.

It does use the UPLAY client, which isn’t too bad to be honest. So even if you buy from steam, it’ll still need to be launched through Uplay.

Game is worth it. Get it, enjoy it.

Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/agecheck/app/359550/

uPlay: http://shop.ubi.com/store/ubina/en_US/pd/ThemeID.8605600/productID.316011800

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