RollerCoaster Tycoon 2! love It!


This is going to be a random entry where i just blab about RCT. I just wanna start up discussion on this game. Many people haven’t played it yet, and i think they’d love it if they do. Plus im just bored and tired. 🙂

This has got to be one of the greatest games ever! At least for me it is. I don’t think I’ve played any other game as much as i have this one.

I used to play RCT (RollerCoaster Tycoon) for hours and hours, and really never got bored of it like i do with most games.

It’s very awesome how you can build a realistic theme park, and the little peeps can ride your rides, and seem to have fun.

I’ve always been into the games where you can build and create stuff. Um, for some reason i’ve never been in to the sims. dunno why. I just hate it and get so bored playing it. But games like SimCity, and RCT i love!

So, i played the original RCT, and bought the expansions and everything for it, and it seemed really cool. Then i remember when RCT2 came out. I think it was around 2002 or 03. I think i got it on release day, or at least the same week, and it was even better than the originals because i baiscally play in a sandbox mode, where you start out with a blank map, and do whatever you want. In the original RCT you had to use third party tools that would hack RCT and the current map, and let you control everything. But there were problems with that such as tons of bugs and errors. Well the first RCT would crash all the time anyways.

Thankfully RCT2 came with a sandbox mode, which basically lets you design your own map, and create a scenario out of it, which i do.
The stupid thing about RCT2 is the ride limit. You can only have so many rides and scenery in the park. Which is so lame.

Now, i know RCT2 is a pretty old game now. Almost 10 years old, and the graphics aren’t the best. But the game play is amazing! and that alone makes it awesome and worth it. I love it. And so far there hasnt been any other game like it.

I wish the guy who made the game (Chris Saywer)would make another one, WITH THE ORIGINAL GAMEPLAY, just with smarter peeps, staff, and rides. He did help make RCT3, which is bascially a whole different game, and was 3d, but i couldnt get into it. I tried it again a few months ago and it was so buggy, and just wasn’t as fun as the original. So he just needs come out with a new improved RCT game with the classic game play.

I actually haven’t really played RCT2 in years. I just couldn’t get it to work right with 64bit vista or windows 7, so i didn’t even bother. But, i’ve been bored lately so i decided to give it ago, and finally got it to work with 64bit windows 7! WOOT. I basically had to run it as administrator, and it works okay. Crashes alot, but works ha.

For the past few days i’ve been playing RCT2 again. Just like the old days, and loving it.
I still have my park from a few years ago that I’ve been building on, and was going to continue, but the map on there is full, and it wouldn’t have been too much fun, so i decided to start fresh.

I named my new park ‘Joy World’, ha it came to my mind first, so i just went with it, lol. I thought of Joy Land, but that’s been so over used.

I basically start with a blank map, and start making a path way, and build some rides, and open the park up. Then I just build as i go, and add areas and rides whenever.

This is what my park started like:
(click thumbnail for full picture!
these are zoomed out over head shots, so the quality isnt the best)


Then as i went i added mountains, water, and some more rides:

And as of now, this is what my park looks like:


So you can see how much has changed, and how much you can do with the game.

I created several custom rollercoasters for this park. Here they are:

The ‘Spitting Cobra’ – haha came to my mind first, so i used it. dunno where it came from though.
it all wont fit in the screen shot without zooming too far out and making it look crappy, but you kinda get the idea. And they love it 😀

And the miner:


As you can see in the pictures, i do have alot of money. I use a few different cheats:

Money – The Money part of the game has never interested me. Im into the building gameplay. So i use a money cheat.

Handyman – Cleans paths, fixes benches, and mows grass.

Mechanic – Renews rides, and makes them reliable (or else they break down all the time, which ruins some fun ha).

Those 3 cheats are in this trainer, along with alot of other cool cheats, which i never use.

This is the best trainer/cheat program i ever found for RCT, and it works great.

The creators site no longer exists, and i doubt he’s updating it anymore. But it works as it is, so its cool.

I uploaded it here so you all could get it, and have some fun! 😀

8 Cars Per Trainer:



So, even though this is an old game, you should still get it! Especially if you’re into the sim type games, and love building stuff.

The graphics might not be the best anymore, but you’ll get used to it, and love it anyways.

Grab a copy of it, ha lets start building some parks!

only $9 at amazon!

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